• Hi Rajesh,

    I don't know the amount of particles you need. If it not too big amount is needed, sputtering them of the surface of the Diatom into a suitable liquid by laser could be a solution. In this case the

    Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.
    Hollerithallee 8
    D-30419 Hannover

    Telefon : +49-(0) 511 2788 -0
    Fax : +49-(0) 511 2788-100

    is a highly experienced group to do this.

    Kind regards

    Wolfgang Laemmle


  • TECNAN NANOMAT produces y commercialises at industrial level simple and complex nano-oxides as well as other high performance nanoproducts for multisectoral applications establishing TECNAN Ltd. as one of the most competitive suppliers of these new materials nationwide as well as at international level.

    TECNAN uses advanced nanosynthesis techniques, which enable the commercialisation of nano-oxides and other nano-compounds (carbonates, phosphates...) of more than 60 elements from the periodic system. Moreover, these techniques result in the production of nanomaterials at a very competitive cost and in a flexible and environmentally friendly way, since no waste or by-products are generated.

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    • Good work. I have decades of experience and I can make most all pure metal nano particles for low cost with the highest quality. Narrow particle distribution
  • Dear Rajesh,

    As we are manufacturer of Metal Nano Particles in India so we can give you Silver Nano Particles .

    Please contact us.

    Shiv Dimri
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