• Respected Professors,

              It is my great pleasure to introduce myself as S.Sudharsan, pursuing my PhD Chemistry in the field of “Synthesis and characterization of Nanocomplexes and their biomedical applications” under the guidance of Dr.N.Raman, Associate Professor of Chemistry, VHNSN College (Madurai Kamaraj University), Virudhunagar, India. I will be submitting my PhD thesis on 11th April 2012. Now, I am respectfully submitting the application for a postdoctoral scholar position at your research group.

    I am currently a Non-stipendiary PhD research student at the same college in the same university and will be submitting my PhD thesis in May 2012. More than five years of experience as a R&D Chemist, Senior Research Fellow, Assistant Manager (Product development) and PhD Research Scholar keens my experience in the application of chemistry in many fields. Besides my main responsibility, I also accomplished some research independently or in a team mainly in metal nanochemistry. These practices give me skill in the application of chemistry to the modern society.

    My graduate and post-graduate studies in General Chemistry @ Madurai Kamaraj University not only provide me strong background and research experience but also make me to do its application in many fields. I believe with these educational values and experiences that I possess, working under a concern like you, will enlighten and expose me more to areas where chemical and material science knowledge are relevant and in addition, can put into practice what I have learnt so far. I believe my experiences are well qualified to meet the needs of the project. I am having a great interest in working under your guidance.

    A copy of my curriculum vitae with referees and my research interests and my publications is enclosed. If you need any additional information, I am very happy to submit them. I believe that my perseverance and enthusiasm could help me success in the research at your lab. I will be very grateful if you can give me a chance.

    Thank you very much for your consideration and looking forward to hear back from you.

    Yours sincerely,

     S. Sudharsan.

    PhD Research Scholar,

    Research Department of Chemistry,
    VHNSN College,
    Virudhunagar - 626 001
    MOB: +919976334288


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  • Dear All,

                I have done M.Tech in Nanotechnology with convergence of biotechnology and communication technology. I have done my M.Tech project on Anti-Dust fabric development by nanotechnology. I wish to continue my work in the field of research in Nanotechnology.

    I have 3 published papers as first author in repute international journals.

    I am looking for a good research opportunity in the field of Nanotechnology.

    Please help me to find an appropriate place.

    ankit goyal profile.doc
  • I am looking for a postdoctoral position in USA, Europe, Isreal, Japan, Korea or Singapore. I have done my Ph. D on the synthesis of metal and metal oxide NPs and their various important catalytic reactions. I am attaching my CV herewith for better understanding of my area of research.


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    can i get ur email id for some thing discusssion about potentiostat and cecri....................

  • Dear Prof.


    I have received my M.Tech in Nanoscience and Technology. I am very interested to apply for Ph.D. position  and pursue my further research in the research area of Nanotechnology.

    I am seeking a PhD studentship in Europe or Australia.        

    My research interests focus on Immunosensor and Diagnostic sensor (Lab-on-a-chip), Preparation of Quantum Dots, Nanoparticles and their Biofunctionalization, Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes MoS2 and other Nanomaterials and Nanostructures Based Sensor for Diagnostic Applications.


    Currently I am working as Research Fellow under Indo Russian project for the last one year at the Department of Biosensor, Institute of Microbial Technology (CSIR), India. Here I am working on the project concerned with Synthesis of Graphene and Graphene based Immunosensor for its application in cardiac management and pesticide detection.


    I am also working in the field of quantum dots synthesis and their biofunctionalization with proteins for immunosensor development.



    1.)    In-Situ Direct Electrochemistry of Hemoglobin Using Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Ropes. (Advance Science Letters)

    2.)    Vertical Alignment of Carbon Nanotubes” in LAP (Lambert Academic Publishing), Germany.

    3.)    Rapid extraction and quantitative detection of herbicide diuron in surface water by hapten-functionalized carbon nanotubes based electrochemical analyzer. (Analyst)



    And communicated more papers in International Journals.


    1.) Functionalized graphene-graphene oxide nanocomposite based immuosensing (NanoLetters). 

    Priyanka Sharma, Satish Tuteja, Vijayender Bhalla, G Shekhawat. Dravid and C. Raman Suri.


    2.) Signal enhancement in a heterogeneous fluoro-immunoassay format using glycerol tagged fluorophore (g-FITC). (Talanta)

    3.) Facile Synthesis of water-soluble CdTe Quantum dots and their biofunctionalization with antibody against HbA1c for Fluoroimmunoassay Development. (Chem. Comm.)



     Kindly review the enclosed resume. 

    I am looking forward for a positive reply. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Best regards,



  • I'm looking for a PostDoc position in Europe
  • Anyone working in Peptide related Nanotechnology or Nanobiotechnology??


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    can you send me the phd options in chech repuplic

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