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It is my immense pleasure to invite you to submit your original research findings in the form of full length article/Short communication/ Review article to the “Materials Science Forum” in the leading International Publisher Europe, Trans Tech Publications Ltd. The ISSN number is 0255-5476 ( and it offers high quality of publication (32 volumes per year). These volumes are covered by SCOPUS and documented by all major abstract sources. The intention of the Special Issue is to visualize the multifunctional application of some emerging nanomaterials In order to accomplish this goal people from chemistry, physics, material science, energy and engineering have to work closely. This combination of people from multidisciplinary fields will help in fully exploiting the opportunity and contribute towards creating materials and devices.

Title of the Special Issue:  

Multi-functional Nanomaterials and Their Emerging Applications

Title of this special issue will cover-

1.        Magnetic Nanomaterials and Nanostructures

2.        Nanomaterials for electrocatalysis and electrochemical sensors

3.        Nanomaterials based optical sensors and gas sensors

4.        Nanomaterials based photocatalysis, Advanced oxidation process

5.        Nanomaterials based drug delivery

6.        Nanomaterials for photoelectrochemical cells, dye-sensitized solar cells and Quantum dot solar cells

7.        Nanomaterials for catalytic applications and other emerging area in the nanoscience and nanotechnology.


All of these materials should be specific for a particular application and it is important that all articles should be of high quality. Both research and review articles are always welcomed. There is no page limit and no page charge. The corresponding author will receive one soft and hard copy of the special volume. I understand that you are expert and have published before in this research area. Therefore, I wish to invite you to submit one article (research or review) in this volume. Please reply me immediately if you are interested to contribute any article.

Please let us know the following information by October 25, 2013

1. Tentative title of your article with short abstract

2. Authors name and affiliation 

3. The deadline for full length article submission is November 30, 2013.

You are also requested to suggest the name of some other suitable and interested person’s name to join us in this Book or forward this mail to them. If you have any queries about this special issue or about the publishers, please do not hesitate to contact me.


For your information check the link below for our previously published special issue in Materials Science Forum



Thanking you.

With Kind Regards,


Dr. R.Jothilakshmi

Guest Editor-Materials Science Forum

Associate Professor

Department of Physics

Vel Tech Technical University

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


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