Dear friends on,I want to know how to interpret the results coming from the Raman Spectroscopy and diffrent types of electron microscopy like TEM, HRTEM and STM. please help by providing some information regarding it. I am new to field of nanotechnology and i need all the help i can get.Thanking you,Vishnu Kirthi. A

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  • Dear I can help in XRD
    • hi, i wanted to know what kind information can we get from the XRD results like particles size etc.

      please provide me with your email id so that i can contact you for further details. My email id is






      Vishnu Kirthi

      • I have sent you an email on Please see your spasm etc all and get back.

        Dr. Murtaza,

        • dear sir could you send the same details to me? my e mail id
  • There are a lot of standard text books available, since these fields have been established long back. I hope you can find them from google books.
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