Hi all
    can any one explain, what is SWOT Analysis and how SWOT analysis is beneficial for any big organization?
    I will be thankful to you.


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  • I would like to raise some points that may grasp your attention before getting into entrepreneurship ..
    This is my vision
    Parallel to the conventional image that relies mainly on presentation skills , charming personality, brochures , web ,..etc , I may raise your attention to the one thing that can make or break in today's media, which is "How we are able to communicate effectively to establish an objective and meaningful dialog to touch what's important to the target audience/media "
    Many layered concepts are necessary to plan the work
    1- Vision-Mission-Goal- Performance Requirements-Concept
    - Where we are ? , Where we want to be ? , How to get there ?
    What's our vision , defining our goals (Qualitative) ?, targets to achieve (Quantitative)
    mission statement to commit to , Performance requirement (Quantitative measures)
    of Time, Cost, Quality, Scope) in project management context
    *Planning the outreach to activate the entrepreneurship business as outlined above in section 1
    *Organizing resources usage as 4m model suggests
    Manpower: actors , players, business owners , target audience.. with the aid of 5W model
    Who is doing what , when , where and why ? as individual or in a team ?
    Material:data , information, soft and hard copy , ..
    Machines: used in activities like computers, scanners , video , data show equip, any machinery ..
    Methods: calling, emailing , inviting , visiting , Video recording , web casting , Facebook,..
    *Leading , with the art of motivating the team to work in harmony , unleashing the power to inspire and push a space for innovative ideas and creativity i.e to have the right man, in the right place , at the right time to do the right job
    *Controlling ,, set specs , measure performance, take corrective actions, monitor progress and use feedback to accept, warn , stop , revise, re-engineer if needed.
    3-IT , Database management DBMS/Knowledge base to Store-Analyze-Present-Inform-Persuade needed for
    Operational-Tactic-Strategic Business and Action Plans
    Data mining , market research , Critical to Quality Factors, (Pareto 80/20 vital few versus trivial many ,..) to establish a layout of a Decision support System (DSS)
    Like this you create a very fertile environment to adopt Entrepreneurship Like Queen Rania in Jordan
    A web is to be established for such a mission with the following into consideration
    In order to plan a successful site.
    1-Determine the site's purpose (Requirements)
    2-Identify target audience
    3-Identify the services the site will offer to its users(deliverables)
    4-Sketch a use case diagram to set the correct logic and assign the required resources
    5-Sketch the prime sequential navigation/site map to visualize framework
    6- Fetch contents (text-Graphs-Images-Media clips -external links-Databases)
    7-Put all together , implement , test , stepwise refinement , let go to publish
    This can work parallel to others like Facebook, UTube, Twitter,..

    There are 3 types of web to intermingle according to the need
    Static - display contents only (push technology)
    Dynamic - display contents per user choice/ preference
    Active - Interactive , form based , use feedback to collect data from user posts (pull technology)

    So you create a community with a dynamic nature to extend its horizon from just attending a day seminar or workshop to an endless endeavor framework.
    Thank you
    Eng Tarek El Afandy
  • Thank you for such valuable discussion , You are welcome to join me in the group Entrepreneurs
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