Graphene and the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 was awarded jointly to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov "for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene".

What you think about the graphene science?

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  • Prof. CNR Rao, a scientist from India have also contributed a lot to this field including a new method to develop graphene and evaluated many of its important properties.

    Unfortunately, he failed to draw the attention. He also deserve this as one among them.

    Anyways, they have done a wonderful and ground breaking inventions. Congrats
  • It's the wonderful event in the modern science. Indeed, the talkings and explicit areas of the application as to the (carbon) nanomaterials became by sufiiciently frequent ones whereas the acknowledgement of the input of the discoverers of the such new material as graphene was not estimated until now. My congratulions to both Russian physisits. You're the best. Молодцы ребята!!!!! Горжусь вами
  • Congratulations to these two Nanotechnology scientists
    We need more!
    Keep the great work
  • As of now I am just beginner in this field... Graphene is a single sheet or just a 2D structure of carbon in which the carbon atoms are SP2 hybridized. They form hexagons and form a wide 2-dimensional sheets in which each carbon is bnded to 3 other carbon atoms. This sheet when rolled is called carbon Nanotube. We can just imagine a sheet of paper rolled to form a tube like structure.

    Graphene has emerged out to be a potential semiconductor and due to its abundance we can say that this can prove out to be a boon in semiconductor electronics.

    These graphene sheets are arranged layer by layer in the graphite and these sheets are bonded to each other by weak vander waals forces but these are strong enough to make graphite hard!!!!

    Any more additions guys?? Waiting to see them!!!!
  • it was expected
  • Congratulation to these two collaborative scientists, indeed. There are plenty of information exist now a day on the global net which indeed we might not need to spend more time here to discuss about graphene science.
    But what insteresting is that Konstantin was a phd student of geim working together in netherland and after mobe to england geim brought him to work together!!
    The precise notice is here that how supervisor and former student could trust eachother and make such a nice team working in time that globaly day to day you hear how supervisors steal ideas and hard working activities and results of their students!?
    But now such a nice taste goes to these to great scientists to be good examples for others.

    Best wishes in peace and success, Hamid
    • thanks for your post... "how supervisor and former student could trust eachother and make such a nice team working" :)
  • It is fantastic that someone won the Nobel Prize in physics by means Graphene's studies. A thin film gives so much opportunity. Effectively, Graphene exhibits very interesting and versatile properties, but it's my opinion that we are onset of the study for this particular material.
  • Graphene got Nobel!
    GraphITA 2015, 14-18 September, CNR Bologna, Italy.
    GraphITA 2015, 14-18 September, CNR Bologna, Italy.
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