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      • Full member my understanding.... nanoscale Au can be produced by various name a few VCLDI, EEW, Chemical route, phyiscal methods etc.... all these techniques doesnt yield nanoparticles of same size, shape, purity etc.... generally depending on the applications the synthesizing techniques is chosen...and each technique has its own temp requirements.... and finally one technique which most widely used for nano colloid preparation is thru reduction of Au(CN)3.. and this process is room temperature....on the other hand plasma process will require higher end temperature.... do correct me if i am wrong...
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          Thank you KARTHIKEYAN
          what will be optimum temperature for the mechanical grinding to produce gold nanoparticles
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            sorry for the delayed reply... i was suffering from chicken pox and was nt in the lab for couple of weeks... by the way... as for as mechnical grinding is concern... we have nt tried in the my lab..i mean gold mech. grinding.. bt then.. as such there is no much important is given to temperature... furthermore since gold is very very ductile metal...mech grinding will and should be done in cryo condition in order have significant size reduction...
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