free sample of nano particles

Hi to all,
I am Arasu doing project on heat transfer studies in nano fluids(TiO2/CuO/Al2O3/Fe2O3 in water).I justwant to ask you the details of company where the above nanoparticle are available.And speciallythose companies which provides free samples of the same. Any details inthis regard would be highly helpful for me.thanks in advance.

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  • TECNAN NANOMAT produces y commercialises at industrial level simple and complex nano-oxides as well as other high performance nanoproducts for multisectoral applications establishing TECNAN Ltd. as one of the most competitive suppliers of these new materials nationwide as well as at international level.

    TECNAN uses advanced nanosynthesis techniques, which enable the commercialisation of nano-oxides and other nano-compounds (carbonates, phosphates...) of more than 60 elements from the periodic system. Moreover, these techniques result in the production of nanomaterials at a very competitive cost and in a flexible and environmentally friendly way, since no waste or by-products are generated.

    Pls visit:
    Javier Ibarrola:
  • Hi Perarasu!! can you please tell me what size of Fe2O3/TiO2/CuO particles you need. Maybe i can help you. Although i am also a researcher but if it i can help you i will feel happy, and we can collabrate our work.

    Mandeep Singh
    • hello sir , Am Rajkumar G, Doing Ph.D in naotechnology,.. now we doing synthesis fo silver nanoparticles using plants.. if u wish we have collabration for international publication.. as am Microbiologist we can do many wrk reg this nanoscience. if u provide the different nanoparticles we can do the wrk.. pls reply as quick as possible my mail id was
    • hello sir, I am doing research for my doctoral at national institute of technology trichy, may i know where u r working sir? i need particles in the size range between 20 to 100 nanometers.
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