Facts and Myth about Swine flu.

Swine flu has now turned global thanks to the fact that people to people transmission is common as in seasonal flu.As more and more people travel world wide it has reached global pandemic status.The virus though is same as seasonal flu virus has some similarity and difference from ordinary flu virus:1.The virus can be transmitted via droplet as that of common cold.2.Though it at first started as in pig later got transmitted to human being but is now capable of getting transmitted from person to person.3.Symptoms are akin to that of seasonal flu eg sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue that fever is more characteristic besides more violent cough and also breathlesness.4.Akin to common cold any one is vulnerable but of younger age,suppressed immunity,coexisting disease eg Diabetis,Heart disease and other respiratory problem etc fall easy prey to this disease with severity multiplied and may result in loss of life of the victim.5.The people affected with swine flu may land up with most dreaded complication eg ARDS that is fatal not seen in person affected with seasonal cold.Q.Why it is called Swine flu?Ans:-Why is this called "The Swine Flu?"The new strain of flu is a virus that contains genetic characteristics of flu viruses from pigs (swine). It also has some components from flu found in birds and some from people. Though it initially was transmissable from pig to pit may be mutant strain spread from pig to human and now is spreading from human to human taking a global pandemic shape within no time.(Scientists believe the 1918 virus leapt to humans by mutating from bird flu, possibly after passing to pigs,which are able to harbor both human and swine virus and thus allow them to swap genes as viruses reproduce fast with ability to infect many cells within short period after a person is infected)possibly after passing through pigs, which are able to harbourboth human and avian viruses and thus allow them to swap genes as the viruses reproduce.Q.Why are public health officials concerned?Ans:-Whenever a new strain of the flu virus emerges , it is possible that our immune system is not geared to tackle the virus burden.It is expected that as virus affects more persons some will develop immunity and this may prevent spread of virus and making the symptoms lighter.It is important to know that once affected the disease provides life time immunity.Evidence suggests that the new flu virus is easily transmitted from person to person, making outbreaks of the illness more difficult to contain.Q:-What should one do to stay safe?Ans:-1.As mentioned in the news, practicing good hygiene is the single most important and effective method for reducing one's risk .Frequent hand washing is most effective to prevent spread the disease.Hand washing should be done with soap and water though alcohol based sanitizer are effective to stop the spread of virus from person to person.Specially after touching mouth, nose and after coming in contact with public used items.2.Control your coughs and sneezes and avoid sneezing directly to open space use handkerchief or tissue paper that can be frequently changed or disposed off.It is important to know that if a person is coughing the virus can travel as droplet and one may avoid transmission keeping distance above 1 meter.3.Avoid crowded places or as far as possible or travel to destinations vulnerable to swine flu as far as practicable.4.Taking nutritious diet rich in protein and calories that can boost immunity till effective immunization is possible through vaccine which is soon going to be available.5.Be a good neighbor if you feel you or some one is affected with symptoms of swine fly stay put privately at home or isolated in hospital rather than coming in contact with public there by helping to spread the virus.6.Take medical advice soon.7.Do not share cups, beverages, or unwashed eating utensils with others.8.Following these common sense practices can significantly reduce the potential that you will become sick.For further information please follow local guidelines or guide lines issued by CDC vide ;http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu/ .thanks from Dr Manoranjan Chowhan

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