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 Dear all,

I need e-books based on the basics of Nanotechnology, the synthesis of nanoparticles, their interaction with living organisms. Can anyone help. It can help a lot in my research work.

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  • Nano articles via Pub Med:

    NCBI/NLM/NIH USA: PubMed database:
    ["free" text; "free" article]
  • Micro-Nano Technology for Genomics and Proteomics BioMEMS:


    [free pdf download]
    • hiiiiiiiiiii , my self Sudeep . m working on environmental Sciences. thanx a lot ... it will be so helpful 4 me . keep in touch.
      • Scribd.com provides several down-loadable Nano-related titles; If environmental sciences is your nano subfield, then I specifically recommend that you commence with Nanotechnology: Risks, Ethics, & Law:


        313 "free" pages of facts, figures, and tables on UP (ultrafine particles) mortality rates, nano risk assessments, classification of respirable particles, nanotoxicogenomics, ... from some of the best inter-disciplinary minds in your sub-specialty.

        Do also refer to the research resources and titles to which I directed Monika in the Toxicology group (NanoArchives' database in particular). [yesterday's thread]
  • NanoMechanics and Materials: Theory, MultiScale Methods, and Applications:

    [free pdf download]
  • " Thomson ISI has announced that Nano Research, an English-language journal jointly published by Springer and Tsinghua University Press, is now listed in the Science Citation Index-Expanded (SCI-E). The academic journal, founded in July 2008, has been covered in the index from Volume 1, Issue 1. Nano Research is part of Springer’s Chinese Library of Science, a collection comprising more than 90 journals."...>>>>

    " Nano Research is an international, interdisciplinary journal which publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed, original research papers and review articles on nanometer scale material and nanotechnology. With an open access publishing model, Nano Research allows readers worldwide to download full articles via the online platform SpringerLink free of charge, thus enhancing rapid access to the journal."...>> >>:
  • difficult to find free e-books on new subject...
    u have to buy...have a look at Amazon.com or Flipkart.com and search on nanotechnology related books
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