Dear members can any one clearly differentiate the following questions

(i) The properties of emulsion in terms of thermodynamic and kinetic stability,

(ii) What is the reason for these stability,

(iii) How emulsions behave at thermodynamic instability and kinetic instability

(iv) What is the size variance between conventional or Macro-emulsion, Micro-emulsion and Nano-emulsion.

(v) Being in literature microemulsions are expressed as thermodynamically stable system and spontaneously formed, why not macroemulsions are thermodynamically stable which are also spontaneous equilibrium systems ?.

(vi) Similarly nanoemulsions posses kinetic stability due to nanometric form, why not microemulsions are kinetically unstable being they are also in range of nanometer.

Kindly provide the clarifications. It will be very much helpful if answers provided with Ref.

Thank you

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