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Carbon Nanotubes Suppliers in India

Hey is there anybody who is looking for carbon nanotubes suppliers in india at very reasonable and affordable cost.Out products are:Multiwalled carbon nanotubesCOOH Multiwalled carbon nanotubesSo3H Multiwalled carbon nanotubesSingle walled carbon nanotubescarbon mesoporouscarbon graphite powderA part from these carbon nanotubes we also offer wide range of Nanodiamonds, nano wires, Nano metals, nano metal oxides, Oxide Nano ceramics, Non oxide nano ceramics, Fullerenes, Quanum dots, PEG Derivatives,Tectomers & Phosphonic Acid Derivatives.So pls if anybody interested kindly visit:http://www.reinste.comor call at 9810662669

Reinste Prospectus.pdf

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