• It is good idea. First finalize the place (may be Hungry), and dates, duration, then the conference themes.then send calls for invited speakers.Once finalize the speakers, a general call for papers can be launched. But important thing is finance. To have a good nano community this should be supported by some funding agency. So who is going to arrange it.
  • As many of you are aware a leading Conference in Nano is entering its third edition in Bangalore, India... The City is also called the Technology Hub of Asia... If you feel it is OK, we can approach the Organising committee of the Bangalore Nano conference and see if we can get a chance to be there... Just an Idea.. and we may get the EXPO as the back ground and many international speakers with experince in NanoScience are going be speaking there... As this is the first meeting this could be a good choice to feel the pulse and also plan for the better things in the coming years...

    I have personally been a leading promoter of NanoScale applications for the past 3 years and have been able to create a good connectivity in many countries. Also have been associated with this premier international Conference...

    I know we have been talking about this as long as August 2008....

    All the best
    Shiva Balivada
  • In NAVARRA - SPAIN!!!!
    TECNAN NANOMAT produces y commercialises at industrial level simple and complex nano-oxides as well as other high performance nanoproducts for multisectoral applications establishing TECNAN Ltd. as one of the most competitive suppliers of these new materials nationwide as well as at international level.

    TECNAN uses advanced nanosynthesis techniques, which enable the commercialisation of nano-oxides and other nano-compounds (carbonates, phosphates...) of more than 60 elements from the periodic system. Moreover, these techniques result in the production of nanomaterials at a very competitive cost and in a flexible and environmentally friendly way, since no waste or by-products are generated.

    Pls visit:
    Javier Ibarrola:
  • corrected :)

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  • Really nice idea to go for.
  • yes it would be a great idea to have a conference like this and I feel that more imporatnce should be gicen to those areas where the exploration is still not efective and in areas where the impact of nano would create a greater change
  • ya good!! my best wishes for this. i am ready to contribute. Our aim should be to make a revolution in this field. So we should think about the good organiziing committee..Let start the work.
  • amazing meeting ISA

    but I have Many idea:

    1- Assemble stastics about :

    - Fields not served by the nanotechnology

    - Emerged field resulting the nanotechnology

    - Fields that already depend on Nanotechnology

    - center of Nanotechnology researches

    2- Development countries relation with Nanotechnology

    3- Establishment ofData center customised for Nanotechnology
  • Its good idea to organize world meeting of the International NanoScience Community in 2010. I can host this event at G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar (INDIA) if opportunity is given to as "organizing Secretary" of this event. I have experience in organizing such events. Recently, I have organized a National Conference on Recent advances in Mechanical and Production Engineering (RAMP2009) from 12-14 Feb 2009, which has been a grand success. The idea of online conference is also wonderful. You can count me for this event.
  • I like this idea. we get to meet and know each other. very lovely indeed! financing and finding sponsors is essential for such meetings.Anyway count me in to attend the meeting.
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