Applications of carbon nano tube

Why carbon nano tube is being studied? Where is its application? How does SWCT and MWCT differ with regard to load carrying mechanism? Does it have, presently, any real / probable applications? What type of problems cannot be explained by the theories at the micro level for which a further deeper study is required (except for those for which AFM study has to be used)? Does the continuum mechanics theory remain valid even at nano level, especially for compressible fluid flow?

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  • Can you suggest simple web pages to help understand the preparartion of carbon nanotubes and their different characteristics? This will help in my undertanding on the subject.
  • Dr. Jadoun

    Carbon nanotibes (CNTs) have many promissing applications; these range from biomedical applications (e.g., targeted drug delivery, composit implants), Materal science (e.g., new composite materials with pramount properties), nanofabrication, energy and so on. current theories on nucleation of CNT are still in the developing stage. And a you might know, thee are many differnt synthesis approaches (e.g., checmial and physical, each with different varieties) and each of the methodologies worth studying in detail with the goal of finding a optimized window for producing process, and their particula effects on the properties (and type)of CNT produced frm each process.

    geneally speaking, continuum mechanics theories do not apply at nano scale; however, dimensionless Knudsen number is a criterion to evaluate this. You can find extensive molecular studies on crbon nanotube; thes are great studes which are conducted to explain the mechanism of nucleation in microscale.

    I hope it helped.

    Ala Moradian
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