safety issues with nanomaterials

Dear Kristen,Hello, i am Dr. Varima Bokare a post doctoral fellow currently working in POSTECH, south korea. i work in environmental nanotechnology , using iron based nanomaterials for pollutant removal from waters and soils.The big question is various nanomaterials are now in the open market luring common people with huge promises as marketing gimmicks. The common man is unaware what exactly are nanomaterials and their potential hazards. what i feel is that the first step should be to create an awareness about nanotechnology and nanomaterials to people.Varima

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  • Dear Kristen and Dr Varima Bokare

    This is what you write. But important point is give information for people not scared. Because we don't want stop research in nanoarea. (this situation is similar to GMO).

    If you have some interesting information and would like share I invited you to portal These is non commercial portal created by independent foundation Nanonet.

    Best regards
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