Why is technology so important to us?

If technology suddenly disappeared tomorrow, nothing would be the same. Our society has already adapted and grown around technology, so it’s almost impossible to remove it from our lives without it leaving a hole behind. It has improved our lives considerably as it has been developed, changing what we are capable of, how we interact each other, and how we go about our lives. There are many reasons why technology is so important to us and probably even more reasons that we’re not yet even aware of.


Although social networks might have their flaws and faults, they are still incredibly beneficial for us and have managed to completely change people’s lives for the better. Using social networks nowadays is about more than just chatting to your friends. It’s a means of finding long-lost siblings, sharing notes with your classmates, finding your soulmate, and finding a way to stay updated on important issues. Most of us use social media to read the news, follow developments in industries that interest us, and get updates on events and people that we like.

But, it’s not just social media that has improved the social aspect of our lives. Technology has also helped us to break down language barriers. We have devices that can translate different languages almost instantly, allowing people to confidently travel further form their home that ever before.  Technology also plays a big part in speech and behavioural therapy, helping young children overcome speech impairments and teaching children with autism how to communicate. Technology has both improved and degraded our social skills and it has become incredibly important to us.  


The medical and care industries have been completely revolutionised by technology and our quality of life is constantly improving. Artificial limbs have become advanced enough to technically feel objects and artificial muscles can keep hearts pumping with little to no intervention. Elder citizens with mobility impairments that some years ago would have been confined to a bed can now go almost anywhere they desire thanks to all-terrain mobility scooters in the UK. Doctors can even perform surgeries when they’re on the other side of the world from their patients as well as perform surgical procedures that are more complex and intricate than anything we could have thought was possible twenty years ago. The lifespan of the average human is increasing almost daily and their quality of life is following suit.


Knowledge and skills are more accessible than ever thanks to technology. Information that would be available only to the fortunate few that were able to afford an education is now visible around the world and almost everyone has the potential to be self-taught. People can also become qualified online through online courses and advance their careers without even leaving their home.

Another fascinating thing about technology is that it has created an entire industry and millions of jobs along with it as well as expanded existing industries. Technology is utilised in almost every profession and is continuously raising our performance standards and expectations of ourselves and our society.

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