Two-volume of Sensors & Transducers journal (ISSN 1726-5479) journal's Special Issue, March 2012

Sensors and Transducers Journal (ISSN 1726-5479), Vol.14-1, Special Issue, March 2012
  is online at

1) Physical and Chemical Sensors & Wireless Sensor Networks (Foreword),
   by Sergey Y. Yurish, Petre Dini, pp.I-II:

2)  From Smart to Intelligent Sensors: A Case Study,
    by Vincenzo Di Lecce, Marco Calabrese, pp. 1-17:

3)  Smart Optoelectronic Sensors and Intelligent Sensor Systems,
    by Sergey Y. Yurish, pp.18-31:

4)  Accelerometer and Magnetometer Based Gyroscope Emulation on Smart Sensor for a Virtual Reality Application,
    by Baptiste Delporte, Laurent Perroton, Thierry Grandpierre and Jacques Trichet, pp.32-47:

5)  Top-Level Simulation of a Smart-Bolometer Using VHDL Modeling,
    by Matthieu Denoual and Patrick Attia, pp.48-64:

6)  A Novel Liquid Level Sensor Design Using Laser Optics Technology,
    by Mehmet Emre Erdem and Dogan Gunes, pp.65-82:

7)  Recognition of Simple Gestures Using a PIR Sensor Array,
    by Piotr Wojtczuk, Alistair Armitage, T. David Binnie, Tim Chamberlain, pp.83-94:

8)  Sinusoidal Calibration of Force Transducers Using Electrodynamic Shaker Systems,
    by Christian Schlegel, Gabriela Kiekenap, Bernd Glockner, Rolf Kumme, pp.95-111:

9)  Experimental Validation of a Sensor Monitoring Ice Formation over a Road Surface,
    by Amedeo Troiano, Eros Pasero, Luca Mesin, pp.112-121:

10) Acoustic Emission Sensing of Structures under Stretch,
    by Irinela Chilibon, Marian Mogildea, George Mogildea, pp.122-133:

11) Differential Search Coils Based Magnetometers: Conditioning, Magnetic Sensitivity, Spatial Resolution,
     by Timofeeva Maria, Allegre Gilles, Robbes Didier, Flament Stephane, pp.134-150:

12) Silicon Photomultipliers: Dark Current and its Statistical Spread,
     by Roberto Pagano, Sebania Libertino, Giusy Valvo, Alfio Russo, Delfo Nunzio Sanfilippo, Giovanni Condorelli,
     Clarice Di Martino, Beatrice Carbone, Giorgio Fallica and Salvatore Lombardo, pp.151-159:

13) An Integrated Multimodal Sensor for the On-site Monitoring of the Water Content and Nutrient Concentration of Soil by Measuring the Phase and Electrical Conductivity,
    by Masato Futagawa, Md. Iqramul Hussain, Keita Kamado, Fumihiro Dasai, Makoto Ishida, Kazuaki Sawada, pp.160-173:

14) Design and Evaluation of Impedance Based Sensors for Micro-condensation Measurement under Field and Climate Chamber Conditions,
     by Geert Brokmann, Michael Hintz, Barbara March and Arndt Steinke, pp.174-184:

15) A Parallel Sensing Technique for Automatic Bilayer Lipid Membrane Arrays Monitoring,
     by Michele Rossi, Federico Thei and Marco Tartagni, pp.185-196:

16) Development of Acoustic Devices Functionalized with Cobalt Corroles or Metalloporphyrines for the Detection of Carbon Monoxide at Low Concentration,
     by Meddy Vanotti, Virginie Blondeau-Patissier, David Rabus, Jean-Yves Rauch, Jean-Michel Barbe, Sylvain Ballandras, pp.197-211:

17) Group IV Materials for High Performance Methane Sensing in Novel Slot Optical Waveguides at 2.883 ?m and 3.39 ?m,
     by Vittorio M. N. Passaro, Benedetto Troia and Francesco De Leonardis, pp.212-230:

18) The Impact of High Dielectric Permittivity on SOI Double-Gate Mosfet Using Nextnano Simulator,
     by Samia Slimani, Bouaza Djellouli, pp.231-243:

19) A Novel Sensor for VOCs Using Nanostructured ZnO and MEMS Technologies,
     by H. J. Pandya, Sudhir Chandra and A. L. Vyas, pp.244-252:

20) La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Thin Films for Magnetic and Temperature Sensors at Room Temperature,
     by Sheng Wu, Dalal Fadil, Shuang Liu, Ammar Aryan, Benoit Renault, Jean-Marc Routoure, Bruno Guillet, Stephane Flament, Pierre Langlois and Laurence Mechin, pp.253-265

21) Cell-Culture Real Time Monitoring Based on Bio-Impedance Measurements,
     by Paula Daza, Daniel Canete, Alberto Olmo, Juan A. Garcia and Alberto Yufera, pp.266-275

Sensors and Transducers Journal (ISSN 1726-5479), Vol.14-1, Special Issue, March 2012
is online at

1)  Information Extraction from Wireless Sensor Networks: System and Approaches,
    by Tariq Alsboui, Abdelrahman Abuarqoub, Mohammad Hammoudeh, Zuhair Bandar, Andy Nisbet, pp.1-17:

2)  Assessment of Software Modeling Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey,
    by John Khalil Jacoub, Ramiro Liscano, Jeremy S. Bradbury, pp.18-46:

3)  Effective Management and Energy Efficiency in Management of Very Large Scale Sensor Network,
    by Moran Feldman, Sharoni Feldman, pp.47-63:

4)  Energy Efficient in-Sensor Data Cleaning for Mining Frequent Itemsets,
    by Jacques M. Bahi, Abdallah Makhoul, Maguy Medlej, pp.64-78:

5)  IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low Power and Lossy Sensor Networks Simulation Studies,
    by Leila Ben Saad, Cedric Chauvenet, Bernard Tourancheau, pp.79-92:

6)  Self-Powered Intelligent Sensor Node Concept for Monitoring of Road and Traffic Conditions,
    Sebastian Strache, Ralf Wunderlich and Stefan Heinen, pp.93-110:

7)  Variable Step Size LMS Algorithm for Data Prediction in Wireless Sensor Networks,
    Biljana Risteska Stojkoska, Dimitar Solev, Danco Davcev, pp.111-124:

8)  A Framework for Secure Data Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks,
    Leonidas Perlepes, Alexandros Zaharis, George Stamoulis and Panagiotis Kikiras, pp.125-149:

9)  An Approach for Designing and Implementing Middleware in Wireless Sensor Networks,
    by Ronald Beaubrun, Jhon-Fredy Llano-Ruiz, Alejandro Quintero, pp.150-163:

10) Mobility Model for Self-Organizing and Cooperative MSN and MANET Systems,
     Andrzej Sikora and Ewa Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz, pp.164-178:

11) Evaluation of Hybrid Distributed Least Squares for Improved Localization via Algorithm Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks,
    by Ralf Behnke, Jakob Salzmann, Philipp Gorski, Dirk Timmermann, pp.179-195:

12) An Effective Approach for Handling both Open and Closed Voids in Wireless Sensor Networks,
     by Mohamed Aissani, Sofiane Bouznad, Abdelmalek Hariza and Salah-Eddine Allia, pp.196-210:

13) Embedded Wireless System for Pedestrian Localization in Indoor Environments,
     by Nicolas Fourty, Yoann Charlon, Eric Campo, pp.211-227:

14) Neighbourtables – A Cross-layer Solution for Wireless CiNet Network Analysis and Diagnostics,
     by Ismo Hakala and Timo Hongell, pp.228-241:

15) A Column Generation based Heuristic to extend Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Network,
     by Karine Deschinkel, pp.242-253:

16) Adapting OLSR for WSNs (iOLSR) Using Locally Increasing Intervals,
    by Erlend Larsen, Joakim Flathagen, Vinh Pham, Lars Landmark, pp.254-268:

17) Risk Assessment along Supply Chain: A RFID and Wireless Sensor Network Integration Approach,
     by Laurent Gomez, Maryline Laurent, Ethmane El Moustaine, pp.269-282:

18) Structure Crack Identification Based on Surface-mounted Active Sensor Network with Time-Domain Feature Extraction and Neural Network,
     by Chunling Du, Jianqiang Mou, L. Martua, Shudong Liu, Bingjin Chen, Jingliang Zhang, F. L. Lewis, pp.283-296:

19) Efficient Gatherings in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Distributed Computation of Connected Dominating Sets,
     by Vincent Boudet, Sylvain Durand, Laszlo Gonczy, Jerome Mathieu and Jerome Palaysi,  pp.297-307:

20) Secure Packet Transfer in Wireless Sensor Networks,
     by Yenumula B. Reddy, pp.308-320:

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