The Flexible Transparent Electrode of Low Haze (<1.5%) Based on KeChuang’s Silver Nanowires (Ave. D=35~55nm) Has Been Successfully in Volume Production.

Recently, Zhejiang Kechuang Advanced Materials Company successfully achieved a large scale production of silver nanowires with Ave. D=35~55nm, which have been successfully used in the low haze of flexible transparent electrode.


At present, silver nanowires with Ave. D=35~55nm, and Ave. L=5~15um have been successfully used in the production of flexible transparent electrode in several multinational corporations. Through testing, using this model AW030 of silver nanowires, the surface resistance of flexible transparent electrode is less than 30 ohm/sq, transmission rate as high as 97%. At the same time, the haze of flexible transparent electrode is below 1.5%. Undoubtedly, the volume production of silver nanowires with Ave. D=35~55nm have paved the way for the low haze of flexible transparent electrode to replace ITO.


Compared with the traditional ITO, transparent electrode based on silver nanowires has many advantages, such as high transparency, low resistance, high performance-price ratio, and the capacity of large area printing and the wide selection range of substrate materials. The average diameter of 35-55nm silver nanowires applied to the low haze of flexible transparent electrodes, already can be achieved the complete replacement of ITO in the touch screen industry, which also has better bending performance simultaneously.


KeChuang (Sino-American joint venture) is a famous advanced materials supplier. In the field of silver-nano technology, Kechuang is the pioneer in materials processing and applications. Our company has a strong R&D team, with over 70% of its employees having Master degrees or above. The research group consistently developed new technology and the products, now it has a controlled scale production of silver nanowires with different diameter(40~400nm)and different length(1~200um, which has reached the international leading level. Welcome anyone in related fields and industries has a further communication with us via e-mail and telephone; our company will provide you with the highest quality products and the most attentive service!




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