Special Call for Book’s Chapter InTech Publication - 2018

Dear Authors,

We would like to Invite you for the contribution of a Chapter with InTech publisher

I have been invited by peer reviewed (Q1-journal) InTech to Editor-in-Chief of a book volume entitled "Transparent Conducting Films" be published in hardcover and we would be honored if you could contribute a short chapter on 29th January,2018.            

        Book’s Title  → Transparent Conducting Films

      Publication type Handbook

    Estimated total number of pages of full book size → 100 pgs

   Estimated number of chapters → 15 (Page limitation of each chapter:14-20 pgs)

    Tentative deadline → 29th January, 2018

      Mode of submission of chapters → Online Registration

       Publication charges → 1200 EUR (+ VAT if applied)

         Payment process → Pay after acceptance letter issued by InTech


Key features of book chapters:

  • This book might carry out a forward look to see how the technology might be used in the future, where possible estimating the likely time-scales in which the most far-reaching applications of the technology might become reality.
  • Current research trends and potential applications in future advances such as: nanomaterials, nanometrology, nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, transparent conducing and flexible thin films, and Nano-biotechnology. We also look at the benefits they are currently providing in the short, medium and longer term.
  • Understanding surfaces and interfaces is a key challenge for those working on hybrid nanomaterials, graphene, liquid crystal and one where new imaging and analysis spectroscopy/electron microscopy responses are vital.
  • We look at current and possible future industrial applications of nanotechnology, and examine some of the barriers to its take-up by industry.
  • The variability and site recognition of biopolymers, such as DNA molecules, offer a wide range of opportunities for the self-organization of wire nanostructures into much more complex patterns. While the combination of one-dimensional nanostructures consisting of biopolymers and inorganic compounds opens up a number of scientific and technological opportunities.
  • Will identify what environmental, health and safety, ethical or societal implications or uncertainties may arise from the use of the technology, both current and future.                                            

                                   The agenda is as follows:

                                     - 29th January, 2018 ↔ Deadline for authors
                                - 15th February, 2018 ↔ Deadline for scientific editor
                            - 1st March, 2018 Deadline for author revisions
                                - 20th March, 2018 ↔ Sending to commercial production
                                     - 30th April, 2018 Publications

                 Requirement & Guidelines of chapters:

We are looking for the short informative work to publish chapter intend to "Novel applications of transparent conducting films", concise and informative to the reader without any lengthy description should be completed within limitation of 14-20 pages (If exceed will pay extra charges) included the followings;

Title, Author’s Name & affiliation, Abstract, Background, Goals, Objectives, Experimental investigations, Figures/Graph files and analysis, novelty of research findings, Discussions, Outcomes, future scopes, conclusions, References.

                           Guidelines for Authors  

     - InTech%20Chapter%20Template_Guidelines%20for%20authors.doc


                      Submission Process:

Please send corresponding author's updated Curriculum Vitae (1 page) along with your full chapter in ‘DOC’ format (enclosed), through online registration of submission. No e-mail submission of chapters will be entertained.Further assistance please contact as follows;


                Dr. Kaushik Pal (E-mail: kaushikphysics@gmail.com) cc to

InTech Publishing Process Manager,

                Ms. Romina Rovan (E-mail: rovan@intechopen.com)

 Wishing you all the best for contribution

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