The International NanoScience Community is official media partner of Sabrycorp Nanoconferences in 2009.

Nanotech Insight (29 Mar – 2 April, 2009, Barcelona)
“Because Small Matter is No Small Matter.”
In its third year, the NanoTech Insight conference is moving along the Mediterranean to Barcelona, Spain, a region where nanoscience is gaining prominence. The event attracts leading nanoscientists such as Sumio Iijima, J. Fraser Stoddart, Paul Hansma, Ruth Duncan, Chad Mirkin, (NTI '09), George Whitesides, Chris Abell, Xiaoliang Sunney Xie (NTI '07), Klaus Muellen, Max Lu, Antoine van Oijen (NTI '05) among many others. Through its multidisciplinary focus, this conference aims to stimulate a worldwide dialogue on the planned advancement of Nanotechnology.

Nano Cement, Steel and Construction Industries Conference (15 - 18 May 2009 Cairo, Egypt)
Nanotechnology is the dawn of construction technology for the new millennium. It promises to enable architectural and engineering feats as marvelous and inspiring for our present age as the construction of the pyramids were for the Ancient World. The goal of the Nano Cement, Steel and Construction Industries Conference is simple but bold: to bring together preeminent nanoscientists and industry visionaries leading the booming high-tech construction industry to begin to use nanotech “smart” technology to build the “smart” cities of tomorrow.

The Nano Petrol, Gas and Petro-Chemical Industries Conference. (Nov. 13-15, 2009, Cairo)
Fuel your imagination! Nanotechnology offers us a radically new way of thinking about energy. It offers an entirely new frontier for exploration: the ability to stretch the limits of our current energy sources, and to go beyond these sources into new and uncharted territories. Join nanoscientists and petrol industry executives as they come together at NPG’09 to explore how nanotechnology can advance world energy. Visit our website to learn how nanotechnology provides solutions for global energy demands.

Nanotech Business Summit (Dec 4-7 2009 Cairo - Egypt)
The Nanotech Business Summit is the first forum of its kind to facilitate the integration of nanotech products into the global economy by connecting Middle Eastern capital with small tech innovations. This conference targets researchers, policy-makers, and executives in the region for them to meet, learn best practices from, and finally form strategic partnerships with their European, regional, and international counterparts working in nanotechnology. By fostering fruitful collaboration, this Summit aims to stimulate science and knowledge transfer, boosting the region’s scientific research community and innovation culture.

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