One on One with Investors: Pitch Strategy Discourse with Nanobiotechnology Experts

Durham, NC, March 15, 2011-The Center of Innovation for Nanobiotechnolgy (COIN) announced today that they will be hosting a new offering―a private pitch and strategy coaching session with a team of seasoned investors―at the 2011 North Carolina Nanotechnology Commercialization Conference (NCNCC). Interested participants can sign up for a 30-minute slot with experts to pitch their business and technology, receiving feedback and guidance in addressing tough questions. Slots are offered to registered NCNCC attendees on the afternoon of March 29th from 2 until 5 PM. Grant Thornton LLP generously sponsored this event.


This offering is part of NCNCC, a day-and-a-half conference that is organized by NC Commerce, is in its 3rd year and typically draws approximately 300+ leading nanobiotech and nanotech experts from industry and academia to address key commercialization issues. Nanomedicine entrepreneurs face significant challenges in building their business and developing inventions into marketable platform technology or products. This new dedicated “One on One with Investors: Pitch Strategy Discourse with Experts” offering will be a significant value-add for the conference, helping companies overcome stumbling blocks before they approach investors.


“No entrepreneur wants to be stuck in the starting gate simply because potential customers don’t understand or value their product,” said John Hardin, Executive Director of NC Commerce’s Office of Science and Technology.  “Discourse like what these sessions will offer is critical for helping entrepreneurs understand what appeals to the market and how best to position their products to maximize sales.  I expect many of the entrepreneurs will consider these sessions to be some of the most valuable 30 minutes they spend in the course of taking their product to market.”

COIN is working with NC Commerce to increase the nanomedicine track of the NCNCC, and this “One on One with Investors: Pitch Strategy Discourse with Experts” offering will be one of several new elements that will debut at the 2011 conference. In addition to the pitch sessions, COIN will offer an add-on workshop the morning of March 29th titled: “Actionable Strategies for Company Building and Moving to Market.”


Pitch sessions will be held March 29, 2011 from 2-5 PM. This offering is open to any registered attendee of NCNCC. The pitch room is for all NCNCC attendees, not just nanobio/nanomedicine participants. Conference attendees can sign up for a 30-minute slot with experts to make their funding presentation detailing their company or new venture’s business and technology and receive feedback and help answering the tough questions. Participating experts include: Bill Warner from Paladin Associates, Nick Wachtel from Lux Capital, Mike Elliot from Noro Moseley, Joe Velk from Contender Capital and Rob Tyler of Poyner Spruill. The cost to participants is included in NCNCC registration. To reserve these coveted spaces, please email: with the title “NCNCC One on One Request”.

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