NMP call 2013 | Industrial Technologies 2012

Introduction to the NMP Call 2013

From 19 - 21 June 2012, Industrial Technologies 2012 highlights new innovations and technologies for Europe's growth & competitiveness and provides solutions to overcome challenges in the European innovation environment.

In line with this, the Industrial Technologies unit will be presenting their orientation paper for the 2013 NMP call. Register now

The heads of unit will elaborate on principles and structure of the call - this is your opportunity to gain an exclusive insight to the possibilities in EU funding for your organization.

The Directorate for Research and Innovation (European Commission) has published a draft NMP Orientation paper covering the final calls to be funded under FP-7 (which will end in 2013). A budget of €230 million has been allocated to this, the final call of FP-7, with projects to commence in 2013. This is the largest budget ever allocated to a call in this area.

Speakers are:

  • Lorenzo Valles, Head of Unit G2 (New generation of products)
  • Renzo Tomellini, Head of Unit G3 (Value added materials)
  • Christos Tokamanis, Head of Unit G4 (Nano and converging sciences and technologies)

Kim Sjøgren hosts the Award Gala
The Danish comedian, Kim Sjøgren leads with humor and small anecdotes through the evening. A unique show, that ranges from the big classical works over popular hits to folk music, jazz and evergreens. In other words: Stand-up entertainment in the best Victor Borge style!

Besides the finalist presenting their exciting work results, you can expect an entertaining evening in Denmark's largest congress center.


See you in Aarhus!

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Aarhus - Easy to Reach

Flights to Aarhus Airport are filling up, and although we are in regular discussion with airlines to increase flight capacity, you should also consider Billund Airport.

Billund is slightly further away from Aarhus city (the bus connection takes 90 minutes, versus 45 minutes for Aarhus Airport), but serves far more European destinations with direct flights.

You can find a route map and flight connection planner for Billund Airport at these links:

Map of Direct Flights from Billund

Search for Connecting Flights from Billund

Aarhus is also accessible by train from Copenhagen. There are several direct trains a day between Copenhagen Airport and Aarhus Central, which take around three hours.

Journey Planner for Trains

Sustainable Solutions in Construction

Energy inefficient buildings consume 40% of the world's energy and are responsible for nearly the same amount of emitted carbon. Coupled with additional 3 billion people on the Earth and 70% of the world's population living in cities by 2050 we are heading towards an energy and environmental disaster.

The notion of a zero energy home has until recently been beyond the imagination of most people. However, today homes that are not only efficient but can produce all of the energy needed through the use of renewable energy can be built.

In order to achieve energy neutral buildings and districts by 2050 the European Construction Technology Platform has set up the Energy Efficient Building European Initiative (E2B EI), steered by the Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2BA) founded in November 2008.

At Industrial Technologies 2012, Gaëtan Desruelles of Bouygues Construction, Hervé Charrue of CSTB, Stefano Carosio of D’Appolonia, and Javier Grávalos of Acciona will elaborate on how E2BA will achieve the goal of energy neutral districts in Europe for the next generation in the Industry of Energy Positive Buildings and Districts session.

Entrepreneurship Inspired by Nature

Through billions of years of evolution, nature has created amazing solutions to complex problems.

Now, facilitated by the advances in nano- and biotechnology, industrial solutions and processes can be implemented based on Nature’s own principles designing new and novel solutions. 

Sea-life has had an impact on Dr. Henrik Birkedal’s research. He discovered that techniques used by the blue mussel could be applied in the wound care industry.

“The blue mussel attaches to substrates ranging from Teflon over wood to steel, and it does so underwater – features that are of great use in a wide range of technological applications”.

Tune in at the Industrial Biomimicry workshop in Aarhus to find out the range of industrial applications that have been inspired by nature including the speakers

André Studart,
Dr. Henrik Birkedal,

Prof. Hans Ramløv

Aarhus University   Aalborg University   Eu2012dk   Spinverse   European Comission   Seventh Framevork Programme

The event takes place during the Danish Presidency of the European Council in Aarhus and is jointly organised by iNANO, CIP and Spinverse. It is supported by The European Commission Directorate for Research & Innovation and listed under the grant agreement number 290567.

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