New Nanotechnology products line from NANO4LIFE EUROPE for Clean-shine-coat surfaces



Cleaning – Shining -Sealing, protection and easy to clean for external Ship & Plastic surfaces

After years of development in our laboratories in Germany our company NANO4LIFE EUROPE® proudly presents a world exclusive of a new generation of Hybrid Nanotechnology 3 in 1 with its distinctive name CSC®  (Clean-Shine-Coat® ).


These products when applied to a surface providing 3 applications.

  1. Clean , by using a powerful nanotechnology cleaning  components  the products CSC®  (Clean-Shine-Coat® ) clean the surface of all dirt’s, environmental pollutants, and blackness that exist on the surface.  
  2.  Shine , by using a powerful  Gel coat component the product CSC®  (Clean-Shine-Coat®) cover scratches or other gaps on the surface , while giving the surface a shiny coat with an “as new look.
  3.  Coat , the csc4-yacht®I is using nanoparticles of silicon dioxide  (SiO2) combined with the  latest nanotechnology SolGel , this seals and protects the surface area which reduces adhesion of dirt particles such as greas and oily substances, lime as well as environmental pollutants due to its hydrophobic and oleophobic effect, so that dirt like fat, salt, meals do not find a way to penetrate and stabilize, so they can be removed easily with a little water to clean without having to rub the surface by mechanical or chemical means. At the same time csc4-yacht® prevents UV radiation which can effect the color or quality of protected materials. The coating is extremely strong, and gives the optimum protective coating.


In which surfaces you can use the  csc4-yacht®


  • External plastic ship surfaces
  • Fiberglass,
  • GRP,
  • Polycarbonate,
  • ABS,


Advantages for the surfaces protected with the  csc4-yacht® 


- Seals and allows for easy removing of stains and all type of dirt deposits on external ship surfaces.

- The UV- stability enables functionality for a long number of years, approximately the same life time of the original coated surface.

- High-pressure / steam - cleaning resistance.

- 100% invisible does not affect the appearance of the surfaces

- Absolute resistance against ice

- Very good chemical and mechanical resistance

- Excellent efficiency with low consumption

- Save time and money by reducing usage of chemical detergents up to 90%.

- Helps protect the waterways and oceans because of the large reduction of chemical cleaning products.

How to use the product on the surfaces

1.Apply liberally with a clean paper, linen or microfibre cloth using circular motions.

2.An application time of 15-20 minutes is recommended for optimum effect

3.Remove the white residue with a buffing / polishing machine. We recommend high speed and surface pressure. The polishing pad may need to be changed frequently if it was contaminated too much by the residue.


This SiO2 coating is fully integrated and cured after 24 hours. The easy-to-clean effect can be tested for the first time after this curing phase.



 With 1 liter you can cover approx. 30-40 m2

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