New Development - Budget Compact Multifunctional AFM - HandyScan!


Advantages of HandyScan:

  • Easy to use

  • Lower price as compared to most existing AFM systems – starting from 31 000€

  • Self-installed (easy to install, detailed user guides allow to assemble and run the system without manufacturer’s specialists)

  • Possibility to achieve atomic resolution once the system installed

  • HandyScan is equipped with powerful software for image acquisition and processing



  • Scanning principle: by probe  
  • Scan area: up to 40x40x5μm

  • Noise level, XY: < 0,2nm

  • Noise level, Z: < 0,002nm

  • Sample size: 30х30х15mm 

  • Sample weight: < 200g

   Around 30 AFM modes are realized in the basic AFM model, including:   

  • scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy  

  • contact and tapping modes

  • magnetic and electrical force microscopy

  • lateral and adhesion force microscopy

  • scanning capacitance and Kelvin probe

  • spreading resistance

  • LAO lithography and other special modes* 

 * Options are available in addition to basic AFM system upon the request (installation, additional units for more specialized measurements, etc.).

Standard configuration:

  • Measuring head
  • Controller
  • Power unit
  • Interface card
  • Connection cables
  • Software for control and data processing
  • Computer with Windows and monitor
  • Calibration Test Samples
  • Cantilevers
  • Instruction
  • Set of spare parts and accessories (precise scanner, Sample Table «Z» (precise approach into one point), Sample Table «XZ» (approach and shift at axis X), Sample Holders, STM probes (in holders), AFM Probe Holders, Platform for cantilever change, Special scissors, Tweezers.
7e2fe19fd3a83f6923b2dd0738a30d60.jpg      a4b864cc9fed6aea775bd9eb61afd75a.png
Hardened structure of steel. Scan size: 40x40 µm.
Cantilever: NSG30, Tapping Mode.
Polymer film. Scan size: 5x5 µm.
Cantilever: NSG03, Tapping Mode
Без имени-1.png Без имени-2.png
Atomic resolution on HOPG. Scan size: 5x5nm.
Cantilever: HA_C, Contact Mode.
HOPG atomic layers. Scan size: 5x5 µm.
Cantilever: CSG01, Contact Mode.

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