Nanoarchitecture; Nanoscale functionalities in transparent animals in architecture

A.E. Crawford, N. Hirhager, I.C. Gebeshuber

P12-35 Nanoscale functionalities in transparent animals inspiring n...

In Nature we can find many examples for the benefits of translucency and transparency. Animals with translucent bodies use these properties in two different ways. Either they serve as camouflage, misleading their predators by seeming invisible, or the transparency is related back to the evolutionary adaption of their special habitat.
The deep sea fish Opisthoproctus soleatus, commonly known as Barreleye fish or spook fish with its transparent head maximizes the perception of light allowing it to travel directly to its specialized eyes. Within sea life a vast collection of species demonstrate the use of transparency. In addition to these deepwater animals, transparent or translucent squid, sea cucumbers and shrimp can provide valuable information.



O. M. Omar

P12-41 Nanoarchitecture and global warming

We discuss the different architecture systems aiming to reduce e the negative effects
of using the environment harmful materials in urban planning, and construction, and the different

architecture schools aiming to use the environment friendly material, and targeted solutions for using the renewable energy without harming the environment, and depleting the natural resources. Also discussing the environmental design, the different renewable energy sources, smart materials, and systems used in building and construction to serve clean environment. Eventually presenting different examples of modern applications. Summarizes the climatic design in three points, first point is renewable resource (clean energy, solar power, green power). Second point is smart system like (lighting system, ventilation system, plumbing system and etc...). Third point is smart materials which can use in building to reduce the carbon dioxide. Also deals mainly with Nanotechnology and Nanoscience solution for global warming by explain Environmental Benefits and Impacts of using nanomaterials in building construction, the way of Reduction of pollution in the production of materials and Reduction of pollution in construction, use and demolition.3- Smart Materials. After that we review the future solutions like Materials for Global Warming, Sensors and Smart Electronic.


2nd Virtual Nanotechnology Poster Conference between 10-14th September 2012


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