Message from Nano Digest Magazine, India: A dream going awry…?

Normal circumstances would call for a celebration, as we complete two years of painstaking hard work for bringing out successfully Nano Digest, a monthly which we dedicated to the fledgling nanoscience and technology. But as publishers and editorial staff, we have been driven to introspection at this period of time.  The reasons are simple: extreme non-cooperation from the Government bodies, from people who matter, and from the financial constraints that we are facing.


Looking back at our adventure, we take pride in presenting an array of distinguished writers and their writings, which usually get buried in scientific journals, and it is to the credit of Nano Digest to dust the scientific writings and technical prowess to the common man’s reach. But unfortunately, even as we go on spending the restrained resources that are at out command, the Indian nanotech community and concerned departments have turned a blind eye towards this publication, which can survive only from the support that only they can provide. Even to get a few pages of advertisement is becoming difficult, and our pleas have gone on deaf ears.


It is therefore not a time for jubilation or celebration at Nano Digest.  Many organisations have only exploited our pages, and never thought of the fact how these people are carrying on this work, without adequate resources. Promises have vanished into thin air.


Is it not therefore time for us to call it a day… and bring down the shutters?  It pains us. It immensely hurts us, but we are left with no alternative. 


We still appeal to concerned departments, educational institutions, universities, research institutions, corporate bodies, to lend us a helping hand to let the magazine survive beyond one or two issues, with which we want to finally bid goodbye to our readers.


Maybe this appeal will wake the readers up to plead on our behalf with the institutions they are working with, and take steps to get us some advertisement support, and possible financial help.


Our dreams are on the verge of bursting into nothing…. But this last appeal may yet see us through.  Lest… we will be forced to cease publication of your beloved Nano Digest.


K Jayadev

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Comment by K. MOHAN on June 24, 2011 at 5:35pm


s a feature writer for nano digest, it is highly painful to me also to know the nano digest is in need of help at this hour. many have to come to recognize it in the nano circles where conferences are being held. still collabaration with interested may help.

Mohan Sanjeevan

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Comment by TINC on June 24, 2011 at 10:09am

Dear Dermott,


its not a message from Nanopaprika, but from indian nanomagazine Nano Digest!



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Comment by Dermott Reilly on June 24, 2011 at 9:51am
Don't give up! You need to embrace a financial model that dovetails with the publication. It is not easy, but it can be done. The opportunities in nanoscience and nanotechnology have never been so positive. And the world needs these solutions. So collaborate and change. Happy to discuss these issues with you anytime. Best wishes Andras

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