The basic question that many close friends asked was “Why magazine on Nano Science & Tech?”, while others warmly welcomed the idea.

My answer would be not just “Why not?” but as I had mentioned after long deliberations and meetings with people we thought it would apt to have a magazine on this subject since it is the future technology and will transform the lives of people.

There are two important people who actually directly and indirectly have made me look at this subject, understand and even plan a magazine. They are: First is my ex-editor (editor of Computers Today) late J S Raju. In fact it was in MapIndia conference in 2005 Jan at Delhi that we both talked about this and he said why not have magazine for Nano in India. Though Nano Science and Technology was Greek and Latin to me then, I gave a serious and patient hearing to Sir’s words and by evening on that eventful day I had basic idea of what this technology has got in store for people. Though we both wanted to start a magazine, it didn’t happen and sadly when I am now ready to start the magazine, he is not there to witness it. But I would never ever forget to give the credit to that great human and mentor.

Next is obvious, but he is the person who has made me take the idea to reality. It is none other than Dr CNR Rao. I need not mention about this great visionary. Though I haven’t ever met him, after Mr Raju’s intro about Nano Science and Technology, I started doing my basic research to understand better about this new subject. And I have read, re-read articles, interviews and extracts of papers that Dr Rao has written and published. He is the man who has been in-directly very influential for me to take forward the idea of starting an exclusive niche publication on Nano.

I take this opportunity to thank these two great personalities on this platform. Hopefully I will be able to meet Dr Rao at EMSI conference at Bhundekhand University, Jhansi on Jan 17. Before I get on to my magazine I would like to remind you all about the famous quote of Dr CNR Rao:

“We missed the semiconductor revolution in the early 1950s. We had just gained independence. But with nanoscience and technology, we can certainly be on an equal footing with the rest of the world. …”

Let’s not miss out on Nano Science & Technology revolution that the country is at the moment taking up. The initiative of the government to set up Nano Mission (again under able leadership of Dr Rao) is a clear indication that we are not going to miss the bus this time! And hopefully as we travel through the developments of this technology Nano India will document and present them to you all with all the sincerity and passion for the technology.

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