Journal of Nano Research - Nanosized TiC and TiCN Powders Prepared by Magensiothermic Reduction

Nanosized TiC and TiCN Powders Prepared by Magensiothermic Reduction

Authors: Dong Won Lee, Youn Kyoung Baek, In Seok Seo, Jong Nam Kim, Jei Pil Wang


Titanium base refractory carbide, carbonitride, and their composite materials has been widely used in the field of wear resistance tool, die, and aerospace materials [1,2]. Due to their high melting point of 2080~3065oC the production of bulk materials containing the titanium base refractory materials has been only possible by the powder consolidation process. It is well known that higher mechanical strength of consolidated materials can be obtained using the finer raw powder with the stoichiometry and the higher purity. Several methods have been employed as main technologies to produce these raw materials such as carbothermal, self heated sintering (SHS), and Sol-Gel processes. On the other hands, they have shown a number of weak points such as formation of coarse structure, non-stoichiometric composition, TiCxOy or TiCxNyOz forms, requirement to use high purity initial titanium powder, post milling process and so on [3-6].

  The new concept of magnesium thermal reduction process producing nano-phase TiC and TiCN powders is introduced in Fig 1. It is a modification process of the already well-known sponge titanium production process. The solution of liquid metal chlorides (TiCl4 and C2Cl4) reacts with liquid magnesium with the formation of released Ti and C atoms by magnesium reduction of metal chlorides; and the titanium carbide can be actively synthesized by exothermic reaction. The production of TiCN in current process can be accomplished using nitrogen as chamber atmosphere. It has been investigated to examine the possibility for the production of these materials by the suggested process as well as the characterisation of the products.


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