Journal of Nano Research - Chitosan: Development of Nanoparticles, Other Physical Forms and Solubility with Acids

Chitosan: Development of Nanoparticles, Other Physical Forms and Solubility with Acids


Authors: Nimish Shah, R.K. Mewada, Tejal Mehta


Abstract: Chitosan is a modified form of Chitin. It is a modified carbohydrate polymer derived by hydrolyzing the aminoacetyl groups of chitin. Chitosan is a biodegradable natural polymer which is, biocompatible, non-toxic. It also shows anti-bacterial properties. This polysaccharide is available in different forms such as nanoparticles, solution, powder, flake, fiber, film, etc. Due to its wide range of physical forms and good reactivity with other compounds, chitosan can produce various blends. Nanoparticles of various natural biopolymers have emerged as potential carrier for drugs in oral controlled drug delivery. Nanostructured drug carriers allow the delivery of not only small-molecule drugs but also of nucleic acids and proteins. Chemical modification of nanoparticles of chitosan is useful for the association of bioactive molecules to polymer and controlling the drug release profile. In recent years focus on chitosan is shifted to its derivatives. This versatile material has broad applications in many different fields. Various physical forms of chitosan and its blends together with other derivatives such as composites and graft copolymers have been developed to overcome limitations of different polymeric materials such as poor mechanical properties and to improve its functionality towards specific applications. Nanoparticles of chitosan and it derivatives are extensively exploited in the field of oral drug delivery. The progress made in converting chitosan and its blends into nanoparticles forms as well as the preparation methods are studied. For preparation of these blends and nanoparticles of chitosan need to be dissolved in for reactions. We also studied its dissolution behavior with different acids. It shows quite interesting results.


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