Invitation for Summer Internship Research Training Program on Nanoscience

An Overview

The project training is focused on explaining applications of Materials Science and Nanotechnology and inter- and cross-multidisciplinary research excellence. The resultant technological innovations are due to the commercialization of resultant products in various fields. The students pursuing their Diploma/Bachelors or Master’s thesis project in the fields of Science and Technology must know about the Nanotechnology advancements in their fields, which is usually not a part of their syllabus. This project enables them to enhance their knowledgebase, pertaining to the developments in their fields of study as a result of global developments in Nanoscience &Nanotechnology which has changed the landscape of new research and product developments at all the industries and domains.

Project Aim & Scope

These projects are exclusive for the Engineering & Science and Technology students aim to give participants a broad view of latest and most in-demand technologies and its prospects, so that they could know about the various applications and new achievements of nanotechnology in their respective field. The project contains the various topics related to every field of technology and sufficient material on that topic.

Project topics

SP-1/BU18: Scale up synthesis and processing of 2D transition metal oxide nanoparticles

SP-2/BU18: Mechanism of various nanostructures formation by employing novel techniques and surface engineering for activated materials in catalysis

SP-3/BU18: Ultra-thin graphene based materials preparation for electrochemical energy storage systems

SP-4/BU18: Synthesis and applications of CNT's in nanoelectronics

SP-5/BU18: Smart electronic materials graphene utilization in transparent flexible electrodes and super capacitor application of

SP-6/BU18: Liquid Crystal,hybrid nanocomposite, polymeric nanomaterialsspectroscopic response

SP-7/BU18: Modulation of Nano-Bio sensor technology and Biotechnology applicationsin drug delivery

SP-8/BU18: Flexible electronics, smart display device, optoelectronics and novel switchable device

Candidature of applicants and duration of the projects

Prospective participants those who are pursuing B. Sc., M. Sc., B. Tech, M. Tech., M. Phill and Ph.D. in any field of Multi-disciplinary Science and Technology and engineering branches e.g. Physics (expt. soft-condensed matter physics), Chemistry, Nano-Bio technology and engineering, Tissue engineering, Nano-textile engineering, Chemical engineering, Electrical and Electronic Sciences, Nano-engineering, Bio-medical engineering,Mechatronics, Mechanical engineering may join in this project. All the National/International participants have to submit their CV along with institution letter forwarded by the concern authority should have to enclose via e-mail apply to the project group leader& advisor:Prof(Dr.)Kaushik Pal. These projects are entitled for at least one (01) month- Outstation participants National or International (alternative group everyday 3hours) to three month (03) – local candidates: students/research scholars/ lecturers/associate teachers in a week (alternative group 2-days/3 hours). All students should present their work and tutorial courses in each week as progress report of research. The project includes Students will get another opportunity to publish their review paper* written by them and evaluated by external experts under the guidanceof group leaders after which it could be published in the International journals or posted on Nano-connect platform.

Enrollment Procedure

  • Covering letter should addressing group leader‘project code’with title assignment
  • Brief CV with recent color photographLetter host institutionshould forwarded by Principle/Head Department/Director/Dean
  • Attach copies of your recent degree
  • Registration, training program, and project by payment fees
  • Maximum 30 to 50 members will be enrolled in this training program
  • Complete application soft-copy should be sent to concern group leader via e-mail along with payment proof copy

Important time:

       Based on the nos. of applicants we are planning tostart from 1st August, 2018

Name of the Research Group Leader& Project Advisor: Prof.(Dr.) Kaushik Pal

Designation: Research Professor (Independent Scientist & PI)

E-mail: ;


Project Co-coordinator: Prof.(Dr.) Kanniga   E

Designation: HOD, EIE, BIHER


Benefits of participants

  • Participants will get to know that what is nanoscale technology, Materials Science and “Liquid Crystal Nanoscience” how it is applicable in others emerging fields.
  • Will train how to write aregular article, review article, book’s chapters for exclusive International Journals publications.
  • Presentation to scientific community with the novelty of research foundation and innovations
  • How to work with abroad research group of Institutions or foreign universities/industry etc.
  • Thesis writing skills and literature survey should cover in the program
  • After completion of this project, participants will be aware of role of nanotechnology in advancements of the present technology in their respective fields.
  • Participants will get scopes for the experts speeches and guidance according to subjects
  • Participants will be aware of various revolutions in every field of technology such as e.g.liquid crystals, polymeric nanomaterials, nano-bio sensor technology, switchable device modulation, smart display technology, electron microscopy and various spectroscopy analysis, fabrication tools and strategies. This could be possible only due to Nanotechnology and Materials Science research innovations
  • Apart from their current syllabus contents and project topics, they can get some additional information from abroad Universities/Institutions research ideas techniques and knowledge
  • After successful complete successfully students will get another opportunity to publish their review paper* written by them under completely group leader’s supervision and advice.
  • Then will be capable of research after delivering presentation on respective project.
  • Additional summer training project fellow certificate will be provided and which could be most beneficial in their academic and further research career entry in the industry/institutions.

Fee structure and norms of the payment process to avail this training

The fee should be sent along with duly completed application form should download from BIHER webpage  along with the details of payment process. Completed application form along with payment receipt proof copy have to be send via e-mail to the concern group leader Prof.(Dr.)Kaushik Pal. Without payment incomplete application should rejected. The local candidates make payment via BIHER finance department for this research internship program.

Name of the Bank

Punjab National Bank

Branch Name

BIHER Tambaram


Selaiyur, Chennai-600073

Account number (A/C no.)


Branch Code







                  Fee Details


       1 Month


        2 month


        3 Month



               Registration fee








           External resource fees









Research project charges included (Experiments/Review/Editing) and extra publication charges are require (Rs.2000 to Rs.5000) but not mandatory for all journals)











                   Total Fees








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