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NANOPOSTER 2015 - 5th Virtual Nanotechnology Conference - call for abstracts

Dear Colleagues,

the 5th Virtual Nanotechnology Poster Conference is here from 13 to 19 April 2015. Join the virtual event in 2015 and share your nanotech with 8000 members and 5500 Facebook followers of The International NanoScience Community.…

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NANOPOSTER 2015 - 5th Virtual Nanotechnology Poster Conference - sponsorship option

Dear Partner,

We are looking for sponsors of  NANOPOSTER 2015 - 5th Virtual Nanotechnology Poster Conference. The virtual event will take place between 13-19 April 2015 on The International NanoScience Community scientific social network -www.nanopaprika.eu. NANOPOSTER 2015 will…

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PhD position – Controlling Highly Antibacterial Nanoparticles by supersonic Cluster-beam Engineering - KU Leuven, Belgium

(Ref. BAP-2014-528)

Occupation : Full-time

Period : Fixed-term contract

Place : Leuven

Apply no later than : January 01, 2015

We are looking for a dynamic and driven researcher for an international and…


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Nanomol group from the Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona of CSIC and CIBER-BBN is offering a position for a highly qualified post-doc to participate in interdisciplinary projects in the field of Nanostructuration of molecular materials.



PhD in…


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PhD thesis position: Elaboration of novel antibacterial implant surfaces based on the attachment of biomolecules on a bioinspired functional plasma thin film

The Public Research Centre - Gabriel Lippmann, a public establishment for applied scientific research and technology transfer, has an opening for a fixed-term position for its "Science and Analysis of Materials" department (SAM) that focuses in the following fields: nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, smart functional materials, surface treatment and thin films, development of nano-analytical instrumentation and advanced characterization of materials for:…


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UK NanoJobs

Title Company Location…

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Nanopaprika a big dream of a small PhD student - message from the TINC-creator

Dear TINC-Members,

I started "The International NanoScience Community - TINC" social

network in November 2007 as a small PhD student.

Today I defended my PhD dissertation: "Formation and corrosion

protective effect of alkyl-phosphonate


I would like to thank all the Members of Nanopaprika for support, ideas

during my student years!

Best regards

András Paszternák,

creator of The International… Continue

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Welcome the 1000th member of TINC

Judit Varga from Hungary is the 1000th member of The International NanoScience Community!


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yourname@nanopaprika.eu e-mail address for you

Dear members,

Donate the run of Nanopaprika.eu! Buy a e-mail address yourname@nanopaprika.eu for only 5 Euro!

NanoMail - mail.nanopaprika.eu

Dont have @nanopaprika.eu address? What to do?

1. After the payment send e-mail for the editor with:

- your NanoScience Network name

- your real name

- nick name for @nanopaprika.eu

2. send the mail (andras.paszternak@nanopaprika.eu)…


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CIGS thin film solar cell is hot topic these days - message from Sanjay

Hello Friends,

Let me give some introduction about CIGS before starting discussion.

CIGS stands for Cu(In,Ga)Se2 which acts as absorber layer and CdS can be used as buffer layer in this solar cell. The layered cell structure is ZnO/CdS/CIGS/Mo/soda-lime glass or flexible substrate. CIGS solar cell with record 19.9% total-area efficiency demonstrated at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and is a promising candidate to… Continue

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2nd Bangalore Nano

There is an increasing realization amongst policymakers and Government agencies and

Scientific fraternity that the burgeoning problems of India pertaining to healthcare, safe drinking water, clean energy, environment etc. can be specifically answered through the applications of Nanotechnology.

2nd Bangalore Nano India’s premier Nanotechnology Event will be the platform that will bring together Nano Scientists, Industry and… Continue

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Chat is Live in Beta for Labor Day Weekend

Early Friday morning, we released a new Chat feature for your networks.

Online and Chatting

If you sign into a network and are on a page that has the Chat feature displayed on it, it will automatically show you as online. Over the weekend or early next week, we will be adding the ability to show yourself offline, which will remove you completely from the Chat’s Online list. If you choose to be Offline, you will not… Continue

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Two new thematic groups from PROF.DR.MOHAMED ABDELALL IBRAHIM




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nanotxUSA’08 Conference

Nanotechnology Conference Developing as Among Most Important Anywhere

nanotxUSA’08 Conference is attracting top minds in science from around the world in technology commercialization

What has been called “the most important nanotechnology conference in the Americas” is again shaping up for October 2-3 during International Nanotechnology Week at the Hyatt Regecy Dallas convention hotel.

Theme of the nanotxUSA conference this… Continue

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We are media partner of the 2nd BANGALORE NANO

Bangalore - The Nano Hub of India

Bangalore is recognized as the Knowledge capital of India and has emerged as the most preferred destination for frontier technologies like Information Technology and Biotechnology. Bangalore IT and Bangalore Bio are now recognized as India 's leading events in their fields. The new initiative of launching Bangalore Nano by Dept of IT, Biotechnology and Science & Technology, Government of… Continue

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We meet on 26th September by Evening of Scientists (in Hungarian)

14:30 – 21:00

"A nanotudomány fűszeres világa!"

Szervező: Tempus Közalapítvány

Millenáris Park - Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16-20.

Bemutatkozik a NanoTudomány Nemzetközi Közössége (www.nanopaprika.eu) - több mint 50 ország 950 kutatójának, diákjának és ipari szakemberének virtuális hálózata.

NANOMOZAIK - Jelen és jövő a nanokutatások területén, interaktív játék

A standhoz érkező érdeklődők rövid… Continue

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Partner news: New NanoTimes


+ New Metamaterials Bends Light Backwards

+ Interview - NOVALED

+ NSTI Nanotech 2008 (VI)



+ Fraunhofer ENAS

+ New Insights in the Supra-Conducting Character of Diamonds

+ FET with Graphene at Room Temperature

+ Microscope on a Chip

+ Books

+ Events & Trends…


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All the member profiles and forum topics works

The only good news of the day is, that all the member profiles and forum topics works!

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Important Information

Dear Members,

Today morning the company of the Ning Networks System removed WidgetLaboratory, a third party application developer, from the Ning Platform for violating Ning’s Terms of Service.

We used many products of this company: Chat, Messenger, Banner add system, Page creator, Tabs...

We are now in very dark situation, but we try to bring back the normal life of our virtual community.

We add back all of our parner banners ASAP (its take some… Continue

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New forum topic: Material Science research

I am looking to connect to CTOs, Chief Scientists, program managers, and material scientists that leverage computational methods in their research and development...

link to the forum topic

topic opened by Theodore Omtzigt…


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Next partner events of TINC

We are Media Partner of:

Welcome - about us

Welcome! Nanopaprika was cooked up by Hungarian chemistry PhD student in 2007. The main idea was to create something more personal than the other nano networks already on the Internet. Community is open to everyone from post-doctorial researchers and professors to students everywhere.

There is only one important assumption: you have to be interested in nano!

Nanopaprika is always looking for new partners, if you have any idea, contact me at editor@nanopaprika.eu

Dr. András Paszternák, founder of Nanopaprika

Publications by A. Paszternák:

The potential use of cellophane test strips for the quick determination of food colours

pH and CO2 Sensing by Curcumin-Coloured Cellophane Test Strip

Polymeric Honeycombs Decorated by Nickel Nanoparticles

Directed Deposition of Nickel Nanoparticles Using Self-Assembled Organic Template,

Organometallic deposition of ultrasmooth nanoscale Ni film,

Zigzag-shaped nickel nanowires via organometallic template-free route

Surface analytical characterization of passive iron surface modified by alkyl-phosphonic acid layers

Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Alkyl-Phosphonate SAMs on Mica

Amorphous iron formation due to low energy heavy ion implantation in evaporated 57Fe thin films

Surface modification of passive iron by alkylphosphonic acid layers

Formation and structure of alkylphosphonic acid layers on passive iron

Structure of the nonionic surfactant triethoxy monooctylether C8E3 adsorbed at the free water surface, as seen from surface tension measurements and Monte Carlo simulations