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3D Printing and Nanoscience

Many institutions now have access to inexpensive 3D printing capability.  These can be used in Nanoscience education for both conceptual and practical applications.  A 3D printer can be used to make models of atomic lattice structure.  Atomic packing factor and theoretical density calculations can…


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Bugs in the SEM

Taking pictures of bugs with a scanning electron microscope is a way to encourage interest in microscopy among younger students and children.  (I really enjoy it myself.)  Getting the best image of our insect friends can be something of a challenge though.  In this blog I will describe some basic techniques for imaging…


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HITEC Conference Denver 2012

I attended the HITEC Conference in Denver last week as part of the Nano-Link Group.  HITEC stands for High Impact Technology Exchange Conference and is funded through the National Science Foundation Advanced Technology Education program (NSF ATE).  High tech brings together technical educators from many different…


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Scale of Things

This is my new favorite scale of things site.


This site lets you zoom into the nanoscale and further into the far subatomic and you can zoom out to the size of the universe.  You can get interesting information and trivia by clicking on the objects.  It includes many more objects than other similar sites.  Very fun to explore.

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Battery Technology

I was reading some research on battery technology and asked to express my opinion so I thought I would do it on this blog.

You can read the news article at the following site:Semi-Solid Flow Cells or the research article at Semi-Solid Lithium Rechargeable Flow Battery .

I'm not an expert in battery…


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Calculations using the Electron Volt

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Calculating the Size of a Micrograph Feature using the Scale Bar

This video demonstrates how to determine the size of a feature in a micrograph using the scale bar as a conversion factor.

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Example Problems

There are some common calculations done by the beginning student of nanoscience and I thought it would be good to go over some of these calculations in a video and post it to Youtube.  This is mostly to help my students but others may find it useful.  I was inspired by Salman Khan over at Khan Academy: http://www.khanacademy.org/ .  I used three tools to create these videos.  The first is SmoothDraw which is used to draw the programs: …


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Tissue Engineering

Cells and Stuff Volume 1.pdf

One of our partner schools UWRF is involved in tissue engineering. The PDF document describes some of the activities the students are involved with including stem cells, 3D tissue culturing and cancer research. Dr. Timothy Lyden has held workshops in his… Continue

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Nanoscience FAQ

I was taking some classes this summer and wrote a FAQ for nanoscience. This is used to inform students interested in our program or teachers who want to add some nanoscience topics to their current curriculum.

Nanoscience FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is nanoscience?

Nanoscience is the science of the small. Nanoscience is the study of matter in the range from 1 to 100 nanometers. This size range… Continue

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Computer Chip Cross Section


SEM Image and Cross Sectioning by CVTC student Rob Haveman

This is one of the major projects for second semester nanoscience students and it is also a useful technique to know how to do since many manufacturers have a need for cross… Continue

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CMOS Sandwich

Today in class I did two activities. First we did a flow chart showing how we go from a pile of sand to a silicon wafer. The second activity was a CMOS sandwich which is shown in the picture. I used the image from figures 3.22 and 3.23 in "Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology" by Michael Quirk as a guide and the students made CMOS sandwiches according to the following guidelines:

1. Bread is the silicon substrate.

2. Ketchup is… Continue

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Nano and Microfabrication Study Activity

In the fourth semester microfabrication course we get into more advanced semiconductor processing. We are having an exam on Friday so we had a study session on Wednesday. For the study session I divided the class of nine students into four groups and assigned each group some example problems similar to what would be on the test. It took them about an hour to work through the problems as I went around to each group and helped them. I then had… Continue

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Fundamentals of Nanoscience 2 Course Overview

I am currently about 5-6 weeks into the second semester nanoscience course. This course is primarily focused on giving the students a background in electronics, electronic devices and microfabrication using photolithography. Eventually the students will take this course concurrently with Fundamentals of Nanoscience I. This course might be more appropriately titled "Introduction to Microfabrication" or "Semiconductor Manufacturing… Continue

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Various Topics and Course Reflections

I have sometimes included additional topics in my first semester class:

Intellectual Property: Many nanotechnology firms are involved in developing patents and intellectual property so I often include a section on this topic. Following is the Powerpoint I use:…


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Nanoscience Applications

I have been away for a while. Got through the semester, I had a nice break and I am well into the second semester. I will try to finish the last first semester course material and get started on the second nanoscience course. Yesterday we had 26 local high school (grades 9-12) and middle school (grades 6-8) teachers attend a workshop on our campus. The teachers were brought into CVTC's class 100 clean room where they processed silicon wafers using… Continue

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This module covers nanoparticles. I extend from carbon nanotubes and fullerenes to cover a variety of nanoparticles and nanomaterials including: micelles and liposomes, dendrimers, quantum dots, aerogels, nanowires etc. There are two labs that could be done… Continue

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Fourth Annual Minnesota Nanotechnology Conference

This week our students attended the Fourth Annual Minnesota Nanotechnology Conference hosted by the University of Minnesota.


Topics included research on:



Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion

Nano Optics

Nanomaterials for Batteries and Energy Storage

Nanomaterials… Continue

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If you don't have X-ray spectroscopy your SEM just isn't… Continue

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