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FSRM course "Reliability and Test"

If you want the background to perform Microsystem reliability characterization from the component to system levels, here is our course :…


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New product from NT-MDT - test structure for PFM

We are happy to offer you our new product – Test pattern for Piezoresponce Force Microscopy. You can find the information about the sample with quick start guide in the attached file or following the link: http://www.ntmdt-tips.com/products/view/pfm03 .

We also present you our new AFM Probes and Accessories Catalogue 2012. You can download it on our web-page:…


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NPRL Director, Associate or Full Professor Employer: Rochester Institute of Technology

Title: NPRL Director, Associate or Full Professor

Employer: Rochester Institute of Technology

Location: Rochester, NY, United States

Posted: Feb 16


Technology, Golisano Institute for Sustainability, 1 Lomb Memorial

Drive, Rochester, NY 14623 Job Title/Rank: NPRL Director,

Associate or Full Professor PC #9490 IRC56197 Department: GIS...

Full details:



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Nanotec Red SL at NANO TECH 2012 International Exhibition & Conference

At the NANO TECH 2012 International Exhibition & Conference, Nanotec Red is actively involved from its booth at the Spanish Pavilion at this important fair of the nanotechnology´s sector.

Since yesterday Nanotec Red is present in Nano Tech 2012 which takes place in Tokyo, our staff led by Professor Ernesto Beibe is close to finishing with first class nanotech firms, several exclusive representation contracts for Latin America and Spain.

If you need to know…


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Hegedűművész, fizikus, biokémikus és történész vehette át a Talentum Akadémiai Díjat (in Hungarian)

Budapest, 2012. február 7., kedd (MTI) - Kelemen Barnabás hegedűművész, Csonka Szabolcs fizikus, Tóth Judit biokémikus és Tóth Gergely történész vehette át kedden a Magyar Tudományos Akadémián az idén tízedik alkalommal odaítélt Talentum Akadémiai Díjat.

    A díjat Kenyeres Sándor üzletember…


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How big is one nanometer?

How big is one nanometer?


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NanoKTN event focuses on 'nano enhanced' textiles

The Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN) has announced details of a workshop highlighting new developments applied to textiles using embedded electronics, 'smart' materials and surface coatings technologies. Once applied to textiles they ...…


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Novel phenomenon converts graphene into nanotubes via gold nanoparticles

Enkeleda Dervishi, Research Assistant Professor at the UALR Nanotechnology Center, the first and lead author of the paper, says that "based on our recent findings, we believe that graphene can be converted into tubular nanotube-like structures without ...…


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Tech adding nanotechnology, molecular science program

Louisiana Tech University is creating a doctoral program in the field of molecular science and nanotechnology, which would make it the first of its kind in the nation. The Louisiana Board of Regents approved Louisiana Tech's letter of intent to create ...…


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MPA 2012 - call for papers and list of invited speakers

Please note that the deadline for Abstract Submission for the 6th International Meeting on Developments in Materials, Processes and Applications of Emerging Technologies (MPA) is 15 March 2012.

To submit your abstract please do to www.mpa-meeting.com

After the repeated success of the first 5 MPA Meetings, held in Belfast (UK), Cambridge (UK), Manchester (UK), Braga (Portugal) and Alvor (Portugal) we will…


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Applications Support Team Leader and more UK nanopositions

Title Company Location…

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Studying interactions of Membrane Proteins with ligands

Transmembrane receptors and their interaction with ligand molecules still impose a major challenge upon structural biology: In the membrane-reconstituted state, such proteins are not accessible with liquid-state NMR spectroscopy, and crystallization protocols are far from standard. In the past decade, solid-state NMR spectroscopy has developed into a promising tool for structure elucidation or even determination of immobilized proteins which do not have to be crystalline nor soluble. One of…


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LG Chem starts mass producing 45 lm/W OLED panels, plans more efficient, flexible and transparent panels

We just got word from LG Chem that the company finished development of their first OLED lighting panel, and have started mass production. The "type 1" panel, or the LG-OLED-041 is a 100x100 mm square panel that features 4,000K, CRI>80, 45 lm/W and 10,000 hours lifetime (LT70) at 3,000 nits. The active emitting panel is 90x90 mm, and the whole panel is 2.44 mm thick (including the optical film and PCB. The OLED itself is 1.84 mm).

LG Chem is already developing the 2nd generation…


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17 new jobs found

Technology Licensing Officer

Columbia University - New York, NY

available for licensing, across research…


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Nanofizika szemleletesen -- film (in Hungarian)

Kedves Érdeklődők!


honlapon (a "Magyar Oldalak" részben) megtekinthető a Tudástársadalom Alapítvány "Nanofizika szemléletesen" c. filmje.

A film Vizi E. Szilveszter akadémikus bevezetője után Berényi Szilvia, Márk Géza és Paszternák András előadásain keresztül ad betekintést a nanovilágba.

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PhD and postoctoral positions in Optical Frequency Comb Spectroscopy at Umea University, Sweden

We are looking for a PhD STUDENT and a POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER to work with optical frequency comb spectroscopy at the Department of Physics, Umeå University, Sweden (http://www.physics.umu.se/english/?languageId=1).

The student/researcher will work on the development and application of the technique for broadband ultrasensitive detection of molecular species in the gas phase. The research will encompass…


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Nanodiamond coatings safe for implants

ZeitNews, a Technology Team Application. News stories about our scientific and technological capabilities to build a better world.…


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A desalination battery for freshwater production

While there is plenty of water on the planet, most of it is not fit for human consumption – although technological solutions are being developed to change that (read more: "Nanotechnology and water treatment"). Technological advances have made ...…


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Dealbook: Danaflex, Rusnano Combine Forces in Danaflex-Nano

On 11 November 2011, Danaflex and Rusnano celebrated the official opening of a factory owned by Danaflex-Nano, a 2.45 billion ruble ($81 million) joint venture between the two companies created to produce nanotechnology-infused flexible packaging ...…


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Innovation promises expanded roles for microsensors

Researchers have learned how to improve the performance of sensors that use tiny vibrating microcantilevers to detect chemical and biological agents for applications from national security ...…


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