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ESTABLIS announces 13 open positions (PhD and PostDocs) across Europe

Establis (Ensuring Stability in Organic Solar Cells) is an interdisciplinary research and training network funded in the frame of European Marie Curie Actions (FP7). The project is aiming at developing the materials and techniques for cheap, flexible organic solar cells (OSCs) with ten year lifetimes and building-integrated large scale applications with more than fifteen year lifetimes. Eleven Partners and three Associated Partners both academic and private structures from across Europe are…


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Nanoparticles disrupt the digestive system

This research is described in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. Mahler says the researchers will now use the in vitro and chicken models to study nanoparticles found in food to determine whether these, too, affect iron uptake.…


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Researchers Demonstrate First Physical Metatronic Circuit Using Nanotechnology

The team has developed the first physical illustration of 'lumped' optical circuit elements using nanotechnology. An illustration of an array of silicon nitrite nanorods. The entire array is about half a millimeter long. The physical demonstration is a ...…


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NMT Future Vision

With the support of the MINAM2.0 Project a new version of the NMT Future Vision can be released which provides useful information for the community about the activities going on, some use cases and next steps and interesting events.  Please find attached.…


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Nano-Device Principal Scientist & Engineer anf more USA nanojobs

Nano-Device Principal Scientist & Engineer

Research and Development, Aneeve Nanotechnologies - Los Angeles,…


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FSRM course "Wafer Bonding"

Here is a course to learn the properties and the potential of various wafer bonding processes regarding their applicability to the fabrication of MEMS devices :…


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Sensors & Transducers journal (ISSN 1726-5479), Vol.137, Issue 2, February 2012

I. Digital Sensors and Sensor Systems: Practical Design:

  by Sergey Y. Yurish, IFSA Publishing, 2011, 419 pages:


II. Handbook of Laboratory Measurements and Instrumentation:

  by Maria Teresa Restivo, Fernando Gomes de Almeida, Maria de Fatima Chouzal, et al., 2011, 234 pages + media files



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IBM snaps an image of electric charge

Scientists from IBM Research in Zurich, Switzerland, published a paper in Nature Nanotechnology today that describes a technique for measuring how electrons move when forming molecular bonds. This method allows them to create images of how the electric ...…


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The Digital Edge

Developed at the university's Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials, the material is made up of carbon nanotubes, tiny tube-shaped materials made of carbon, which are held in flexible plastic fibers and made to feel like fabric.…


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Nanoaktivált orrspray a csontritkulás ellen (in Hungarian)

A Critical Pharmaceuticals vállalat a Nottinghami Egyetemmel együttműködve olyan nanoaktivált, teriparatid tartalmú nazális készítmény fejlesztésébe kezdett, amely a csontritkulás kezelésében segíthet.


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USA nanojob monitor

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

Ball State University - Muncie, IN

in areas such as…


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Philips sees flexible 1x1 meter OLED lighting panels by 2018

Philips released a new roadmap for their OLED lighting products. The company decided to split its OLED offering into two families - one for decorative lighting and one for performance lighting. By 2018, Philips sees transparent, flexible 1x1 meter panels.

The performance family isn't reflective or transparent, and will remain rigid even in 2018. But Philips plans to reach 130 lm/W by 2018 (even more efficient than current LEDs), an intensity of over 5,000 cd/m2 and a CRI of over…


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Nano-Device Principal Scientist & Engineer

Title: Nano-Device Principal Scientist & Engineer

Department: Research and Development

Employer: Aneeve Nanotechnologies

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Posted: Feb 27

Aneeve Nanotechnologies is seeking a full-time Principal Scientist

/ Engineer that will serve as a key member of the technical team

and be responsible for driving our carbon nanotube RF device

thrust. We are innovating next-generation CNT RF devices...…


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Free to Attend Midwest Ultra Precision Technology Event Gathers Momentum

Tattenhall, Cheshire, UK, February 27th 2012 – Rapid News Communications Group (RNCG) the organizers of MM Live, MEMS Live and NANO Live USA extend an open invitation to all parties working in the Micro, Nano and MEMS manufacturing arena to join them next week in Rosemont, IL.

Almost eighty of the very best technology and service providers in the Micro, MEMS and Nano sectors are set to exhibit at the event that takes place March 7-8 at the…


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New Thematic Collection: Nano-Imaging

Thematic Collection: Nano-Imaging

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"Nanotechnology Papers 2012": Optical Properties Dependence with Gas Pressure in AlN Films Deposited by Pulsed Laser Ablation

Optical Properties Dependence with Gas Pressure in AlN Films Deposited by Pulsed Laser Ablation

J A Pérez, H Riascos, J C Caicedo, G Cabrera and L Yate

This paper deals with the formation of AlN thin films as promising materials for…

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Nanotechnology And Nanomaterials In The Electronics Market Sector

Application of nanotechnology in integrated circuits is leading to improvements in processor density and performance, energy efficiency and reliability. Intel is currently utilising an atomic layer deposition process to deposit high-k materials in ...…


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Super capacitors launched

The smart device draws and stores solar energy using nanotechnology. "It will come handy for defence personnel as solar tiles don't need batteries, which are heavy and occupy space," said Dr Shanti Nair. He said energy generation and storage must go ...…


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Risks and benefits for EU's 'First Lady' of science

“For me, for example, there are enormous opportunities on the horizon with the advent of nanotechnology – people's immediate reaction seems to be 'ooh, new technology, that sounds risky', but nanotechnology needs to be talked about, and this is part of ...…


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