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Nyomtatási világrekord nanoméretekben (in Hungarian)

A kétfoton-litográfiának nevezett módszerrel háromdimenziós tárgyak nyomtathatók rendkívüli felbontásban, akár nanoméretekben is. A Bécsi Műszaki Egyetem kutatói áttörést értek el a nyomtatási technológia sebességének növelésében, nagyságrendekkel lerövidítve a gyártási folyamatot. Ez egy sor új alkalmazást tesz…


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HyperSolar's Zero-carbon Process for Hydrogen Gas Production

Last week, I covered nanotechnology research that mimics photosynthesis to split water molecules into hydrogen gas. The resulting gas could be used for powering fuel cells. Despite the comments being led off into an odd tangent about this development ...…


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Nanotechnology Market Forecast to 2014

In the coming years, nanotechnology is set to play a pivotal role in various industry segments. The evolving technology has already influenced a large number of industrial segments, and the economic activity generated from it has been high in magnitude ...…


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Polymer Microfabrication

If you want to learn more about polymer materials, their fundamental chemical and physical properties, here is the course : …


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PhD position in Theoretical Atomic and Molecular Physics in the project “XUV/X-ray lasers for ultrafast electronic control in chemistry”

Dear Colleagues;


Recently, I have been awarded with an Advanced Grant by The European Research Council and now there is available a PhD position in my group to work in the project “XUV/X-ray lasers for ultrafast electronic control in chemistry”. I would appreciate very much, if you could share this information with your students. Thank you so much


For further information, see:…


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Modeling the miniscule: High-resolution design of nanoscale biomolecules

A key element of both biotechnology and nanotechnology is – perhaps unsurprisingly – computational modeling. Frequently, in silico nanostructure design and simulation precedes actual experimentation. Moreover, the ability to use ...…


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Nanoparticles Affect Nutrition, Researchers Warn

You consume trillions of nanoparticles daily, yet little is known about nanotechnology's long-term health impact. New research might change that. By Annie Hauser, Senior Editor MONDAY, March 12, 2012 — You ingest around 100 trillion nanoparticles ...…


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The future of computing power – from DNA hard drives to quantum chips

That radical shift was a very practical demonstration of the power of the ideas of nanotechnology. A 3.5-inch floppy disk could store a measly 1.44 megabytes of data – not even enough to fit a single mp3 music file. Today, a small one gigabyte (1000 ...…


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HyperSolar Discloses Development Plan for Breakthrough Nanotechnology

Unlike conventional expensive hydrogen technology that splits water molecules (H20) into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2), HyperSolar is using a low cost nanotechnology approach. By elegantly engineering the reaction kinetics toward H2 generation only ...…


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Six Secret Weapons of Nanotechnology Commercialization

In his regular IndustryWeek nanotechnology column, Nanofilm president and CEO Scott Rickert suggests "a bootcamp for nanotechnology and industry" about commercialization to capitalize on the current interest in advanced manufacturing.…


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Atomi réteg leválasztás (ALD) a nanotechnológiában (in Hungarian)


Tisztelettel meghívunk minden érdeklődőt az MTA Műszaki Kémiai Tudományos Bizottság

Anyagtudományi és Szilikátkémiai Munkabizottsága

által rendezett szakmai ülésre.

Időpont: 2012. március 29, 1030

Helyszín: MTA Természettudományi Kutatóközpont, IV. épület 2. emeleti előadó

1025 Budapest, Pusztaszeri út 59-67.


1030−1035 Korim Tamás, az…


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Most Read Articles in 2011 from in Nano Letters

What are your peers reading in Nano Science?
The articles below represent the most read articles from the Nano Letters in the full year…

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ISFOE12, 2-5 July 2012 Thessaloniki, Greece: Check the Invited Speakers, Young Researcher Awards, Parallel Events & Special Sessions

5th International Symposium for Flexible Organic Electronics (ISFOE12)


2-5 July 2012, I. Vellidis Congress Center, Thessaloniki, Greece


Check out the rapidly increasing list of Invited Speakers for…


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Two-volume of Sensors & Transducers journal (ISSN 1726-5479) journal's Special Issue, March 2012

Sensors and Transducers Journal (ISSN 1726-5479), Vol.14-1, Special Issue, March 2012

  is online at http://www.sensorsportal.com/HTML/DIGEST/Special_Issue_14_1_March_2012.htm

1) Physical and Chemical Sensors & Wireless Sensor Networks (Foreword),

   by Sergey Y. Yurish, Petre Dini, pp.I-II:



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Nanotechnológia a Vasember 3-ban (in Hungarian)

"Ugyanakkor a nanotechnológia rossz kezekbe kerül, néhányat felettébb megerősít és hősünknek velük kell leszámolnia."



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Visy Csaba, az SZTE professzora veheti át idén a Polányi Mihály-díjat

Szeged, 2012. március 8., csütörtök (MTI) – Az elektromosságot vezető szerves polimerek tanulmányozásáért a Szegedi Tudományegyetem (SZTE) természettudományi karának professzora, Visy Csaba veheti át idén a Polányi Mihály-díjat – tájékoztatta a felsőoktatási intézmény csütörtökön az MTI-t.



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Heat pump for electric car would make it run farther

he Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is working on nanotechnology that would extend the range of electric cars by allowing them to heat and cool the passenger cabins with a new type of heat pump. The end goal: electric cars that are more ...…


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Children Learn Nanotechnology At Kid's Fair

Missoula kids, and maybe even some future scientists, learned about nanotechnology at the Southgate Mall Kid's Fair Saturday. Volunteers from AmeriCorp and the University of Montana's Spectrum Discovery Area manned the exhibit where kids were able to ...…


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Nanotechnology: 5 years on

Reviewing the work of the Nano Corporation in the first five years of its existence, Academic Mikhail Anfimov of the Russian Academy of Sciences stressed that the foundation of knowledge in the field of nanotechnology is being laid in Russia.…


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