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Researchers develop new type of solar cell using nanocrystals

This inky nanotechnology can then be painted on a plastic surface, transforming it into a solar energy system. Researchers have experimented with flexible plastics and have found that this new kind of solar cell can be used in a variety of applications ...…


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British lab growing human body parts

But it's from here that Seifalian leads University College London's Department of Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine. When the nose is transferred to the patient, it doesn't go directly onto the face but will be placed inside a balloon inserted ...…


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Mechanical Engineering Internship and other USA nanojobs

Operator, Aseptic - 2nd Shift Job

Celgene Corporation - Phoenix, AZ

GMP, SOP, and…


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NANOTEXNOLOGY 2012: International Exhibition and Conferences on Nanotechnologies & Organic Electronics


30-7 July 2012

Dear Colleagues,

NANOTEXNOLOGY 2012 is the annual event to explore the opportunities in the emerging fields of…


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Junior/Medior Scientists on safe use of chemical substances

Core business: Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences

Location: Zeist

Working Time: Full-time (32 - 40)

Reference Code: 12-Z-EELS-Q&S-JrScientChemical-ext.E.

We are looking for…


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What does nanotechnology bring to medicine?

A lot of buzz surrounds the promise of nanotechnology. By tweaking atoms and molecules, the technology can be used to create new materials and exert incredible control over the way matter interacts. In medicine, researchers are already zeroing in on ...…


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Nanovations is One of the First Nanotechnology Companies to Become Carbon Neutral

By reducing and offsetting carbon emissions in its operation, Nanovations Pty Ltd is setting a new standard for emission free manufacturing of Nanotechnology products. Nanovations demonstrates its commitment to helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions ...…


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Nanotechnology Shock Waves

Deeply as he believed the vow “I sing the body electric” — a line sure to become a winning trademark — I suspect one of nanotechnology's recent breakthroughs would have stunned him. A team at the University of Exeter in England has invented the ...…


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Experienced Senior Materials Scientist and other USA nanojobs

Experienced Senior Materials Scientist

Nanocenter, University of Wisconsin-Platteville - …


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Postdoctoral Fellow Polymer Synthesis Group and other USA nanojobs


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Új megoldás a növényi és állati szervesanyag-tartalmú hulladékok hasznosítására (in Hungarian)

Budapest, 2012. május 2., szerda (MTI) - Hatékonyabban hasznosíthatók a növényi és állati szervesanyag-tartalmú hulladékok azzal a megoldással, amelyet a Terra Humana Kft. fejlesztett ki.

    Az eljárás eredményeként pirolízis gáz, illetve széntartalmú maradék, azaz bioszén keletkezik - tájékoztatta…


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The 3rd National Conference on Engineering Physics - 10-14th September 2012

The 3rd National Conference on Engineering Physics, is a joint effort between the Colombian Society of Engineering Physics, through its national board, and that university EAFIT and the Engineering Physics program, whose main justification, to help consolidate Engineering Physics in Colombia, establishing a strong relation of this work and represent their creative work for our society, and the enormous benefit derived from its exercise. In particular, this opportunity to highlight the…


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NIST Develops Laser Feedback Method for Nudging Nanoparticles Just Enough

The example of the Lycurgus Cup, as a paradigm of nanotechnology, has always bothered me. Yes, the glass of the cup changes colors depending on the light because of the presence of nanoparticles. But the effect was known to the Romans, and while they ...…


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Nanotechnology – Coming Soon to a Dentist Near You?

It looks like the “new world of innovation” that has been anticipated by nanotechnology enthusiasts since the discovery and popularization of the famous, soccer-ball look-a-like Buckminsterfullerene molecule in the late 1980s is starting to go ...…


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Nanotechnology In Medicine: Huge Potential, But What Are The Risks?

Nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular scale to create materials with remarkably varied and new properties, is a rapidly expanding area of research with huge potential in many sectors, ranging from healthcare to ...…


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Educators discuss nanotechnology at SUNYIT forum

Michael M. Fancher director of NYS Center for Advanced Technology in Nanoeletronics and Nanomaterials leads a forum about nanotechnology on Thursday May 3, 2012 at SUNYIT. By ANGELICA A. MORRISON Local officials along with some 100 area educators and ...…


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Középkor és nanotechnológia – aranycérnák a mikroszkóp alatt (in Hungarian)

Több tudományág szakembere vizsgálja a reneszánsz arany- és ezüstszálakból készült hímzőfonalait. Igazi interdiszciplináris kutatás: földrajztudós, művészettörténész és fizikus is van abban a csapatban, amely a reneszánsz korának arany- és ezüstszálakból készült hímzőfonalait vizsgálja. A cél, hogy kiderítsék egy-egy szép ruhadarab keletkezési körülményeit.…


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Consultant Engineer In High Pressure Fluid Systems and other UK nanojobs

Title Company Location…

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Nanotechnology dental fillings that kill bacteria and re-mineralize the tooth

Scientists using nanotechology at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry have created the first cavity-filling composite that kills harmful bacteria and regenerates tooth structure lost to bacterial decay.…


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