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Two Postdoctoral Positions Available at LBNL

Two Postdoctoral Positions Available: Physical Chemistry of Heterogeneous Systems

Chemical Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (www.lbl.gov)

1)      This postdoctoral position will use new experimental methods to measure heterogeneous free radical reactions at aqueous droplet and nanoparticle interfaces using a novel combination of synchrotron-based (the Advanced Light Source) X-ray photoelectron…


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Ph.D. Position on simulations of Polymer nanocomposites Bangor University

Ph.D. Position on simulations of Polymer nanocomposites

£Competitive | Wales | 03 Sep 2013

Department: School of Electronic Engineering

Position Description

The Laboratory for Matter Dynamics is recruiting a Ph.D. student to work on Fujitsu-High Power Computing Wales (HPCW) funded research activities starting October 2013.  The research will apply density functional theory (DFT) to understand bonding dynamics at polymer-carbon nanotube interfaces. Simulations…


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NANO-COMPANY 2014: Nanotec Electronica

Name of the company: Nanotec Electronica
Country: Spain
Short description (company profile, products, service - max. 2000 characters): (Slightly under 2000 characters)

Nanotec Electronica develops Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPM) with the best quality and the latest technology in the field, providing both scientific and industrial…


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New microscopy technique allows scientists to visualize cells through the walls of silicon microfluidic devices

Scientists at MIT and the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) have developed a new type of microscopy that can image cells through a silicon wafer, allowing them to precisely measure the size and mechanical behavior of cells behind the wafer. The new technology, which relies on near-infrared light, could help scientists learn more about diseased or infected cells as they flow through silicon microfluidic devices. “This has the potential to merge research in cellular visualization with all…


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FSRM course "New Trends in Nanoelectronics"

Here is a course to have a general knowledge about state-of-the-art emerging nanoelectronics (particularly the new trends in Beyond CMOS and More-Than-Moore domains) :…


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Huszonéves magyar polihisztor világsikerei (in Hungarian)

Napkollektor, oktatási robot, animációs filmek, nanotechnológia-kutatás, nemzetközi és hazai díjak - mindezeket egy szegedi egyetemista tudhatja magáénak.

"Nem szeretem a feltaláló kifejezést inkább a megoldások emberének tartom magam. Ha találkozom egy problémával, azonnal azon kezdek gondolkodni, hogyan lehet megoldani" - mondja az ifjú tehetség, aki a szegedi…


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Researchers apply transmission electron microscopy through unique graphene liquid cell

Autumn is usually not such a great time for big special effects movies as the summer blockbusters have faded and those for the holiday season have not yet opened. Fall is more often the time for thoughtful films about small subjects, which makes it perfect for the unveiling of a new movie produced by researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). Through a combination of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and their own unique…


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Graphene-based discs ensure safe storage

Swinburne University of Technology researchers have shown the potential of a new material for transforming secure optical information storage. In their latest research paper published in Scientific Reports, researchers Xiangping Li, Qiming Zhang, Xi Chen and Professor Min Gu demonstrated the potential to record holographic coding in a graphene oxide polymer composite. “Conventionally, information is recorded as binary data in a disc. If the disc is broken, the information cannot be…


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Journal of Nano Research - Synthesis of TiO2 – Water Nanofluids for its Viscosity and Dispersion Stability Study

Synthesis of TiO2 – Water Nanofluids for its Viscosity and Dispersion Stability Study


Authors: Rohit S. Khedkar, Shriram S. Sonawane, Kalais L. Wasewar


Abstract: In the present research work, an anatase structure titanium dioxide nanoparticle was synthesized by hydrolysis of titanium isopropoxide in the presence and absence of ultrasonication. The resultant product suspension was…


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