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Lenovo's S-800 phone uses a transparent PMOLED

Back in November 2010 we reported about a new phone by Lenovo which uses a transparent display called the S-800. We thought it might be a transparent OLED, but we weren't sure. Today Dialog Semiconductor reveals that they supplied the driver IC to that phone, and indeed it's a transparent PMOLED. Hopefully the S-800 will actually launch soon, unlike the Samsung IceTouch MP3 player.

The display itself is probably made by TDK - which has been showing transparent PMOLEDs back in October… Continue

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Top Five Reasons Why North Carolina is a Leading Nanobiotech Hub

Top Five Reasons Why North Carolina is a Leading Nanobiotech Hub


The tools of nanobiotechnology have wide-ranging commercial impact on fields that include pharma, medtech, textiles, agriculture, consumer products and many more. There are many hotbeds of nanobiotech innovation, and North Carolina has emerged as a leader in nanobiotech research, development and commercialization.


North Carolina’s rich resources include world-class…


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Xanofi, Inc Appoints New Board Members

Raleigh, NC, April 19, 2011: Xanofi, a company specializing in producing custom, low-cost, functional nanofibers, announces two new board members to their Board of Directors, Dr. Hal Hopfenberg and Dick Daugherty.


Dr.  Hopfenberg will help expand the science team with an independent, expert perspective on technology. Dr. Hopfenberg earned his doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was named the Camille Dreyfus Professor of Chemical and…


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USEACANI workshop/conference

USEACANI workshop/conference flyer



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NANOTEX 2011 (http://www.nanotex4.com) 9-16 July 2011, Thessaloniki, Greece

4th International…


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Nanopaprika on Facebook: www.facebook.com/nanopaprika

Follow our news live on Facebook:… Continue

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Chlorine can lead to efficient and simple OLED designs

Researchers discovered that using chlorine can drastically reduce OLED device complexity and improve its efficiency. In fact in their tests, the efficiency more than doubled at very high brightness.

The idea is to add a one-atom thick sheet of chlorine on the ITO electrode used in OLEDs. This can make the electrode a more efficient electrical transport - and so there's no need for a 'transport' layer as used in current designs.…


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NT-MDT digest: NEW colloidal probes

NT-MDT Co opens sales of new products - special colloidal probes for direct

surface force measurement, measurement of adhesion forces, study of

colloidal interactions between particle and surface and many other


We offer two types of the probes:

1.Cantilevers with submicron spheres attached to silicon tip:…


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Nanoscience Education, Workforce Training, and K–12 Resources - Save 20%

Eliminate Ineffective Education

Using this Holistic, "Bottom-Up" Approach

Nanoscience Education, Workforce Training, and K–12 Resources - Save…


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nanotimes February / March 2011


Our edition of nanotimes is live now at (Flash):…


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NanoBio Executive Roundtable Series

These events offer executives and entrepreneurs of North Carolina-based nanobiotechnology companies and others involved in this exciting field an opportunity to discuss key business issues and build relationships. Roundtable events will be hosted several times a year around the state and will feature presentations by CEOs and thought leaders on topics relevant to the business needs and opportunities for nanobio companies. The series provides a valuable networking opportunity for those…


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NanoMicroClub Networking Event - Biomedical Applications in Nanotechnology


NanoMicroClub Networking Event


Biomedical Applications in Nanotechnology…


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Lumiotec enters OLED lighting mass production, offers new panels, cuts prices

Lumiotec started mass producing OLED panels - and they are the first company to do so. They make 60,000 to 240,000 panels a year now. They offers new shapes, sizes and better panels. They also cut the price from around €700 to €260 for a large square-panel.

The company is also showing some neat new OLED lighting designs:…


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Conference shift

The US-EU-Africa-Asia-Pacific and Caribbean Nanotechnology Initiative (USEACANI) conference/workshop has been postponed from April 24-28, 2011 to September
25-29,2011 by the board of directors. The shift came because some of the international speakers are yet to obtain their visas because they did not file their application on time, they are given this final opportunity to participate, no further shift will be entertained whatsoever. Apart from the change in date, every other…

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Verbatim shows beautiful color-tunable OLED lighting installations

Check out this beautiful video showing Verbatim's Velve OLED lighting installations at the design library in Milan, Italy. Verbatim is showing some pretty neat design ideas, and of course the changing colors of the OLEDs are great:


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Short course on 'Physical characterization of nanostructures' - Deadline for reg. is April 15th

With this mail I would like to inform you about the school on 'Physical characterization of nanostructures' which we are organizing in Vaalbeek (very close to Leuven) with financial support of the Faculty of Science

of the K.U.Leuven. This school is primarily aimed at master students and PhD students, but it will also be instructive for postdocs in the disciplines of physics, biophysics, chemistry, nanoscience and

(materials) engineering. The scientific program will start in the… Continue

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MatPAC Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials Graduate Student Talent Series, a Lehigh Nanotech Network Event


MatPAC Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials Graduate Student Talent Series 4/28/11

April 28, 2011

12-2 p.m.

4th Floor, Whitaker Lab, Room 451

Lehigh University

5 E. Packer Ave., Bethlehem, PA 18017

Cost: Free (lunch…


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PhD studentship in iron-based nanoparticles available at Hull



Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION) are becoming increasingly popular for use in biomedical applications such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the detection of diseased tissues. For example, low concentration biomarkers can be difficult to detect because of the limited sensitivity of the MRI equipment, however, the signal…


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1st Call for Abstracts SPM in Energy Applications

Call for abstracts for the 2nd International Workshop for SPM in Energy Applications

Following a highly successful first conference with over 100 attendees, the 2nd International Workshop on Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) for Energy Applications at Max Planck…


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FSRM course "Cantilever based Sensors"

To have an introduction to AFM principles and basics of cantilever and tip technology, here is the course:

Cantilever based Sensors for Nanoscience

May 10, 2011

in Munich…


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