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LG's 8-Gen line will produce 55" OLED-backlit LCDs in 2011, not true-OLED TVs

LG Display has started to install equipment in their upcomnig 8-Gen OLED production line that will be able to produce 72,000 55" OLED TV panels in a month. Mass production is expected by the end of 2011.

It turns out that those OLED TVs will actually be white-OLED (phosphorescent based) with color filters - or actually OLED-backlit LCDs and not 'true OLED' TVs (in which each pixel is 3 RGB OLED subpixels). LG's OLED-LCD TVs will boast 400ppi and will have better brightness and… Continue

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OLED Lighting news from Japan's Lighting Fair 2011

Japan's OLED lighting fair started in March 8th, and we got some interesting OLED Lighting news from NEC Lighting, Panasonic, Rohm and others. The most interesting news come from NEC and Panasonic - who both plan to release OLED lighting panels in 2011 (or early 2012) and they use PHOLED materials to achieve relatively high efficiency:…


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12. NanoMat Szene (in German)



Liebe NanoMat Freunde,


Wir möchten Sie hiermit herzlich zu unserer 12. NanoMat Szene einladen, die am 24. und 25. März im ZKM – Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe stattfindet. Das Motto ist „Nano im Licht“ und steht im direkten Zusammenhang mit der Lichtkunst am…


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Seeing at the Nanoscale 2011 - Call for Papers

Seeing at the Nanoscale 2011 - Early Bird Registration

border top


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New MSc in NanoBiosciences & NanoMedicine,

Nanomagazine, Nanoposts Course Promotion


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New Scientific AFM e-Seminars!

Atomic Force Microscopy Seminars on Line!


Agilent Technologies invites you to attend our scientific e-Seminars. These exclusive one-hour live events provide a great opportunity to learn about some of the latest…


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AFM Webinar Series - March: ScanAsyst and PeakForce Tapping

Atomic Force Microscopy Webinar:

ScanAsyst and PeakForce Tapping



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NANOCON - 3rd International Conference


Preparation and properties of nanomaterials

Industrial and environmental applications of nanomaterials

Bionanotechnology, nanomaterials in medicine

Health, environment challenges, toxicity of nanomaterials

Standardization, metrology and characterization of nanomaterials



Synthetic approaches and study of properties of all types of nanomaterials

(0D-3D) - quantum dots,…


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Harvard's Graphene-based DNA sequencing tech to be commercialized

Oxford Nanopore has reached an agreement with Harvard University to develop technology that uses graphene for DNA and RNA sequencing. This technology was developed in Harvard laboratories and Oxford Nanopore now has exclusive rights to develop and commercialize it. This is great news and hopefully will bring this technology to market soon:…


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Transparente Nanokomposite für Spritzgussverfahren (in German)

Im Rahmen des Forschungsprojektes werden oberflächenfunktionalisierte Nanopartikel hergestellt und in einem Extrusionsprozess in optisch transparente Polymere eingebracht. Die Nanokomposite werden auf ihre optische Güte und ihre mechanischen Eigenschaften getestet.

Die Diplom/Masterarbeit ist auf dem Grenzgebiet zwischen Chemie und Materialwissenschaften angesiedelt, daher sollten die Bewerber großes Interesse am interdisziplinären Arbeiten mitbringen. Die Forschungsarbeit wird in enger… Continue

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NanoCom Innovation Training Factory

Thu, 2011-03-31
Stuttgart, Germany…

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High-performance bendable batteries possible using Graphene

Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) say that Graphene can be used to create bendable rechargeable batteries.

This battery actually has promising performance compared to non-flexible batteries - higher energy density, power density and better cycle life. The team now works on extending the performance using solid-state or polymer electrolyte. They also believe that this technology can be used not just in batteries but also in solar cells,… Continue

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New MSc Course in NanoBiosciences & NanoMedicine

Key qualifications in nanotechnology - new interdisciplinary course provides highly demanded specialised knowledge

Nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine are some of the most significant key technologies of the 21st century and possess enormous economic, socio-political and financial potential. Three universities are joining their specialised knowledge to offer a unique course named "NanoBiosciences & NanoMedicine", which can be attended parallel to employment. The… Continue

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EUMINAfab opens 4th Call

EUMINAfab opens 4th Call

EUMINAfab: the European Research Infrastructure for multimaterial micro and nano fabrication and characterization opens the 4th call for no fee access to 36 installations containing equipment to high end micro and nano technologies.

Researchers from both research and industry based in EU member or associated states may apply for access to one or more of the 36 installations based at our partner sites across Europe. Proposals are subject to… Continue

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