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Picotechnology or Nanotechnology?

Want a shampoo PlanckTechnology?

What would you like to reflect here is the use of the term PICOTECHNOLOGY as an "evolution of Nanotechnology".

Picotecnologia ou Nanotecnologia?

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BRAZIL: National NanoSatellite will be launched in the first half - NanosatC-Br1

O segundo nanossatélite brasileiro e primeiro Cubesat nacional, o NanosatC-Br1, será levado ao espaço em maio próximo pelo lançador russo DNPER

 O NanosatC-Br1 comportará dois instrumentos científicos, sendo um magnetômetro e  um detector de partículas de precipitação, para o monitoramento em tempo real do geoespaço, visando com isso o estudo da…


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NanoProducts always available: just that I did not know!

Relato de chuveiro


Estava eu no meu banho diário, feliz e contente com mais um…


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Brazil: Senate and archiving of Bill 131/2010

Do the senators understood the need to create a regulatory framework for nanotechnology in Brazil?

Paper addresses the filing of a bill that sought to create labels on foods, drugs, cosmetics using nanotechnology. The project was shelved.…


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Nanotechnology and the Labor Day

Nanotecnologia e o Dia do Trabalhador

Neste 1° de maio em que se comemora o dia do trabalhador várias questões relacionadas à Nanotecnologia precisam ser respondidas a contento.

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Brazil opens new frontiers for nanofabrication

The researcher Brazilian Vitor Manfrinato, currently at MIT in the United States is helping to open up new frontiers for nanofabrication.

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Brazil: popular technology to assess water potability

Conselho discute tecnologia popular para avaliar potabilidade da água

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II International Symposium on Nanobiotechnology-Curitiba

O Simpósio de Nanobiotecnologia será apresentado em inglês, sem  tradução simultânea

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Nanotechnology and environmental law: the principle of precaution and prevention

* Social engagement and critical paths for sustainable nanotechnology are necessary actions to preserve the environment

See here:…


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Fazedores de Chuva e Nano-Geoengenharia

*Manufacturers of rain: nano-geoengineering

The "rainmakers" ensure that you can change the climate. Rather than make it rain, they want to change them around and even interfere in the…


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Brasil: Investimento em alta tecnologia

Brazil: Investment in high technology

Campinas is a magnet for investment with great potential to be exploited. As an example of great technological potential,…


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Brasil: é criado o Comitê Interministerial de Nanotecnologias

Brazil: it created the Interministerial Committee for Nanotechnologies

On July 10, 2012 was published in the Official Gazette the creation of the Interministerial Committee for Nanotechnology consists of…


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Coordenador do MCTI diz que tecnologia nacional precisa de infraestrutura

Brazil needs infrastructure for technology, says the coordinator of the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation

"Brazil has to take this step, you must create an infrastructure that allows both the researcher to industrialize the technology, and businesses have access to a…


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Fórum de Competitividade de Nanotecnologia: 1ª Reunião de 2012

*Competitiveness Forum on Nanotechnology: 1st Meeting of 2012

The first meeting of the year occurred on April 27, 2012, at the…


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Estrada tecnológica para o pré-sal

Road technology for Pre-Salt

Tools developed in Petrobras may facilitate the exploitation of oil in ultra layers and increase productivity in these reserves.…


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Brasil e China assinam acordos e elevam nível de parceria

*Brazil and China sign agreements and raise the level of partnership

The new joint initiatives include segments such as…


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FUNDACENTRO participates in the Rio+20

*Fundacentro participates in the Rio+20

Federal agency for research in occupational health and safety will be part of discussions on decent work, chemical safety and…


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