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Gold Nanoparticles Cancer Treatment Trials At US Veterinary Schools

Four U.S veterinary teaching hospitals are conducting clinical trials to evaluate gold nanoparticles combined with targeted laser treatment for solid tumors in cats and dogs. The procedure involves infusing the animal with gold nanoparticles that congregate in the vasculature of tumors but otherwise clear the body within 36 hours. Then clinicians use targeted laser treatment to heat the particles in an effort to damage the tumor cells. The treatment is promising and could be useful in…


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Killing Canine Brain Tumors Using Nanotechnology

Great information about new procedure done at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. The use of Cetuximab combined with a iron-oxide magnetic nanoparticle seems very promising in the treatment of glioblastomas in dogs.


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Question about 3D Printers and Nanodevices

Hello everyone!

I just wondering if with all the advances on 3D printer technology, can we adapt them to replicate nanodevices in a faster and cheaper way? Is somebody working or doing research about the potential use of 3D printers in the field of nanotechnology?



Jose Feneque, DVM

Veterinary Medical Center of Clayton

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Brief Introduction To The Veterinary Applications of Nanotechnology

A friend of mine suggested to post a copy of this article written by me on 2003 and posted originally on Nanotechnology Now.

Brief Introduction To The Veterinary Applications Of Nanotechnology

By Dr. Jose Feneque - December 2003

For us in the veterinary community, this article describes some of the principal areas of nanotechnology currently being undertaken in the world of medicine. Because of the vast scope of the medical applications of nanotechnology, this article… Continue

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This is a great place to learn and make new friends! The other day I learned from my new friend David Lindel that thanks to nanotechnology astronaut’s suits is going to be more flexible and comfortable to wear. This can facilitate work in outer space. I am just a common citizen without the technical background or expertise required in the space industry. I do my living as a small animal veterinarian actually practicing in the state of Georgia. Since… Continue

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Veterinary Medicine: Fertile Ground For Research And Development Of New Technologies In Human Medicine

Article originally posted at 2004.

There is a phrase that says, "medicine can cure men, but only

veterinary medicine has the potential to cure humanity". Today that

phrase is becoming a reality of the world we are living in. In the

first decade of the twenty-first century, veterinarians not only work

hard to keep pets healthy, are playing important roles in saving

human lives. As a member of this prestigious yet, underpaid

profession, I… Continue

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About Globalization and Our International Nanoscience Community

We are living the times of globalization. This new socio-econonomical has blurred our borders as nations and expanded our horizons as individuals. In this new situation that many of us refers as a global economy, having certain skills have become vital not only to our individual success but as member of the work force also. Those so important skills are: science knowledge, proficiency in several languages and exposure to cultural diversity. The business community and especially those dealing in… Continue

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The Importance Of Using Rodents In The Nanomedical Research

The Importance of Using Rodents in the Nanomedical Research

The use of minor species for the benefits of mankind always has been a controversial topic in modern society. Especially the use of animals for medical research, which is seen by some as a necessary evil in the name of scientific advance while others may think it is probably one the greatest sins mankind can commit against other species. Without entering in a profound ethical debate about the need of using other species for… Continue

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