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Drug makers chase cancer stem cells

As evidence implicating stem cells in cancer mounts, drug makers are taking notice. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in December formed a strategic alliance worth up to $1.4 billion with OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, of Redwood City, California. The deal

gives GSK an option to license four of OncoMed's antibody candidates

developed to target cancer stem cells, one of which is scheduled to

enter clinical trials in June.

The… Continue

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Anthrax investigation still yielding findings

Chemical composition of spores doesn't match suspect flask.

The deadly bacterial spores mailed to victims in the US anthrax attacks, scientists say, share a chemical 'fingerprint' that is not found in

bacteria from the flask linked to Bruce Ivins, the biodefence

researcher implicated in the crime.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) alleges that Ivins, who committed suicide last July, was the person responsible for…


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Nanoparticles guide genes through the bloodstream

Scientists from University of Bonn in Germany have designed a technique that allows them to repair damaged arteries’ tissue. The technique is based on

sending genes and healthy cells through the bloodstream to the place

that needs to be repaired.

Earlier, the “problem” was that it was unknown what quantity of healthy cells to send in order to repair the tissue. Small…


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What is nanomedicine

Nanomedicine is a subfield of nanotechnology. It is often defined as the repair, construction and control of human biological systems using devices

built upon nanotechnology standards. Basically, nanomedicine is the

medical application of nanotechnology. Nanostructured materials,

engineered enzymes and many other products of biotechnology will be

very useful in the future. Of course, the full potential…


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Nanoparticles boost cancer treatment

U.S. researchers say combining nanoparticles with a scorpion venom compound can cut the spread of cancerous …


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Promising New Nanotechnology for Spinal Cord...

A spinal cord injury often leads to permanent paralysis and loss of

sensation below the site of the injury because the damaged nerve fibers

can't regenerate. The nerve fibers or axons have the capacity to grow

again, but don’t because they're blocked by scar tissue that develops

around the injury.

Northwestern University researchers have… Continue

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New killer virus found in Africa

Scientists have identified a lethal new virus in Africa that causes bleeding like the dreaded Ebola virus.

The so-called "Lujo" virus infected five people in Zambia and South Africa last fall. Four of them died, but a fifth survived, perhaps helped by a

medicine recommended by the scientists.…


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Man of Miracle Drugs-Dr. Yellapragada SubbaRow (1895-1948)

Dr. Yellapragada SubbaRow (1895-1948)

He Transformed Science; Changed Lives

Most of the famous scientists around the world

are known only for one major discovery that

has had a lasting impact on our lives : Wilhelm

Roentgen for x-rays, Marie Curie for radium, C V

Raman for the scattering of light by liquids, P M S

Blackett for cosmic rays, Ronald Ross for the life

cycle of the malarial parasite,… Continue

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MIT Researchers use nanotechnology to repair brain damage and restore vision

Spinal cord injuries, serious stroke and severe traumatic brain injuries affect more than 5 million Americans at a total cost of $65 billion a year in treatment. Is there any hope?

Researchers from MIT and Hong Kong University come to give us hope. The group actually managed to partially restore vision to rodents blinded by damage caused to their brains’ visual system. The secret of success is a tiny biodegradable scaffold invented by MIT bioengineers and neuroscientists. This… Continue

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Could A Nanotube-based Drug Prevent Radiation Injury

he Department of Defense has commissioned a nine-month study from Rice University chemists and scientists in the Texas Medical Center to determine whether a new drug based on carbon nanotubes can help prevent people from dying of acute radiation injury following radiation exposure. The new study was commissioned after preliminary tests found the drug was greater than 5,000 times more effective at reducing the effects of acute radiation injury than the most effective drugs currently… Continue

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Heat can help chemotherapy work better

Cancer patients whose tumors are targeted with heat treatment as well as chemotherapy are more likely to stay alive and cancer-free for longer than those who receive only chemotherapy, researchers said on Tuesday.

The finding suggests it may be possible to cut the dose of chemotherapy drugs by using heat, although more research is needed to establish this, they said.

German researchers looking at cancers in soft tissues such as muscle, fat and tissue around the joints,… Continue

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