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NanoInformatics 2010 : A Collaborative RoadMapping & WorkShop Project: CFP

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CFP: RUSNANOTECH FORUM: International Competition of Scientific Papers in NanoTechnology for Young Researchers

iStockPhoto, LP. Limited Licence obtained.

« III International Competition of Scientific Papers in Nanotechnology for Young Researchers is carried out within the framework of III Nanotechnology…


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Make Your Mark, Mark Your Place: Contribute Your Research Output to the Nano Archive [an ICPC NanoNet Project]

TINC members are encouraged to deposit their post-publication research works into NanoNet's repository.

Through ICPC NanoNet's electronic archive of full-text publications and abstracts, your research papers, journal articles, theses, dissertations, projects, and other publications are made accessible worldwide to other collaborating researchers, scientists, scholars, students, libraries, universities, and institutions.

Members have access to fully searchable… Continue

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Molecular Therapeutics for Pediatric Cardiology : BioMed PostDoc positions at CHOP/UPenn SOM

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A National Institutes of Health [USA] training grant is funding 8 training slots in a collaborative program between University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine's Pediatrics Division and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

in three specific areas:… Continue

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NanoJapan Summer Studies international group departs this week from Rice University (USA)

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Selected SNSP Students, their Universities, and Research Host Institutions: …


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PlayGen's NANOMISSION featured at SERIOUS GAMES FOR HEALTH session (London, 12 May)

©PlayGen™ Courtesy, NanoMission


"The new generation expects a new level of interactivity, and games offer just that. An innovative and exciting hands on experience which far surpass the dated methods of lectures and text books."

"This is a great opportunity to…


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'NanoTech for Cancer Medicine' & 'Physics of Cancer' Fellowships & Pilot Projects Funding at Johns Hopkins University

Image: Pathology: SEM: Breast Cancer Cell. Courtesy, National Cancer Institute (USA)

Micrographer: Unknown

Postdoctoral Fellowship in NanoTechnology for Cancer Medicine (NTCM)

offered through The Institute for NanoBioTechnology at Johns Hopkins University:… Continue

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Sengupta Lab for NanoMedicine: Postdoc & PhD Open Positions in Molecular and Cell Biology

Image: Pathology: SEM: Cancer Cells: Death. 1st in 6-step sequence death of a cancer cell.

Micrographer: Susan Arnold Source: Dr. Raowf Guirguis. Courtesy, National Cancer Institute




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ESA Foundation: Gaming Grants and STEM Scholarships: Deadlines Approaching


News Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Dan Hewitt – dhewitt @ or 202.223.2400

ESA Foundation Announces Grant and Scholarship Programs for 2010/2011

Deadlines Approaching for Scholarship and Foundation…


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NanoHigh at UC Berkeley: Tomorrow's Sciences, Today

SATURDAY MORNINGS LECTURES SERIES - 2009/2010 Academic Year: and


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Nikon Small World Photomicrography Annual Competition - Submission Deadline: 30 April 2010

Image: Fluorescent actin protein filaments bundle growing from surface of coated beads (63x).

Methodology: In vitro TIRF Microscopy

Credits:… Continue

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Polymers Place 1st in International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge's Photography Category

Courtesy of National Science Foundation (USA)

Expressed permission obtained.

The micrometre-scaled, digitally colour-enhanced image above [credited to Sung Hoon Kang, Joanna Aizenberg, and Boaz Pokroy of Harvard University] capturing epoxy resin fibers self-assembling…


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LSm Protein


The LSm protein Hfq hexamer torus showing the peptide backbone, with each protein in a different color, representing each beta strand as a ribbon, each alpha helix as a cylinder, and the RNA oligonucleotide as a 300° arc.

LSm proteins are defined by a characteristic three-dimensional structure and their assembly into rings of six or seven individual…


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Build Virtual NanoStructures using Molecular Origami Interactive Feature

© President and Fellows of Harvard College and the Wyss institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. Permitted use.

Wyss Institute Launches “Molecular Origami” Interactive Feature…


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Support STEM Gaming / Support FOLDIT's MacArthur Foundation grant appeal


The Foldit research team (read my earlier post) is striving to extend the Foldit application into a biochemistry tool for grade-schoolers [] in order to "develop specific technological and social scaffolds to support learning of…


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© Animation Research Labs, University of Washington. With permission.

Because of neurologic maladies (lupus and Chiari Malformation; the combination of which

rendered an initial misdiagnosis of multiple sclerosis) with which I have been afflicted

for almost 2 decades, substantial nutritional protein intake is a major determinant

in my physiological…


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Luke Jerram's Glass Microbiologic Sculptures

Smallpox, Untitled Future Mutation, and HIV

© Luke Jerram. Courtesy, The Smithfield Gallery, London. All Rights Reserved.

Juxtaposing the veritable, scientific phenomenon of deadly… Continue

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Kanada's Kids is Seeking Sponsors & Nano-Gamers for Children's Cancer Charity Effort

Greetings, All.

On Saturday, 17th October, I will be participating in a 24-hours gaming marathon fundraiser which benefits the Children's Cancer Center of the Texas Children's Hospital (USA).

I will be devoting my hours to the nano-games featured on this Kanada's Kids blog. I'm seeking the support of TINC members -with the approval of the creator and editor- who will donate sponsorship funds (tax-deductible, processed by…

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Nano-Gaming on the Go: Dr. Nano™ iPhone/iTunes App

© 2009 Mission Critical Studios LLC, © Tres Media Group. All rights reserved. Permissions granted.

Gameplay of Mission Critical Studios' Dr. Nano™ is designed around iPhone/iPod Touch's built-in accelerometer sensor system as user interface control which measures, for instance, forces of gravity and acceleration. iPod Touch software calculates pace, speed, and distance.

A Dr. Nano™ player controls movement in the third… Continue

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Re-Mission 2 Video Game Now in Development

© HopeLab. All Righrs Reserved. Authorized reproduction. Express permission granted.

Considered to be the flagship for the health-gaming movement in the SG genre, Re-Mission™ is a Microsoft® Windows™-based third-person shooter action 20+-levels videogame for cancer patients designed with direct input from them and their oncology doctors and nurses. Deeply immersed within the complex, microscopic world of cancer-ridden bodies, Roxxi… Continue

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