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Tunneling Microscopy (STM) Surface Potential Microscopy (SPoM) Torsional Resonance (TR) Tunneling AFM (TUNA) Deep Trench (DT) Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Sharp Conductive Single Crystal Diamond Probes

Highly conductive Apex Sharp diamond probes, formed by a unique patented process ensure the best possible nanomechanical and electrical performance. These tips are sharper and last longer than any other electrical AFM probe. The conductive diamond coating is highly doped with boron which leads to a macroscopic resistivity of 0.003 – 0.005 Ohm∙cm. Contact resistance is typically 10 kΩ…


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Angular Dependence of the Coercivity in Electrodeposited Co–Pt Nanostructures With a Tube–Wire Morphology

We have fabricated Co–Pt cylindrical nanostructures comprised of a pair of nanotube and nanowire segments via direct

electroplating into anodic alumina (AAO) membranes. The fabrication of such nanostructures is possible due to the penetration of sputtered gold (Au) nanoparticles inside the template, which serve as nucleation spots. The current transient monitored during the deposition process allowed us to distinguish between the nanotube and nanowire formation regime during the…


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Tamilan is the ancient scientist in all the field

Sri Bhoga Nathar (Bogar/Bhogar)- 300 B.C.

Bhogar made Palani Lord Dandayudhapani Idol through the alchemy…


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Nanomaterials in liability insurances

(By Christoph Meili) Massive spreading of nanomaterials could affect insurance industry. Nanomaterials are commonly used in many industrial and consumer products. Besides beneficial properties certain nanomaterials could also pose substantial risks to human health and the environment. Nanomaterials are implicitly covered in insurance policies. Liability insurance companies should therefore check their portfolios and investigate whether and which kind of…


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Programs in English at Researchers' Night in Hungary

The Researchers' Night is a pan-European event involving a wide range of scientific and research organisations, including museums, laboratories and academic institutions. Hosting a variety of fun events running late into the night, the aim is to give the public, and in particular young people, the opportunity to meet researchers in a relaxed environment and to highlight the appeal of pursuing a research career. Visit our English programs during Researchers' Night at Eötvös Loránd University…


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Nanotechnology and the Brazilian Market: promoting the company!

Nanotecnologia e Mercado Brasileiro: fomento à empresa.

No mês passado (abril) foi lançado o Guia de Instrumentos de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento Industrial... …


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