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A nanotechnology time bomb to fight cardiovascular disease

... University of Basel have developed nanocontainers having the ability to release their vasodilator content exclusively to diseased areas (see paper in Nature Nanotechnology: "Shear-stress sensitive lenticular vesicles for targeted drug delivery").…


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Link established between autoimmune diseases and nanoparticles in polluted air

However, the new findings have raised concerns about possible risks posed to global health by airborne pollutants from nanotechnology products that are not handled appropriately. The new findings will have health and safety implications for the future ...…


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DARPA looks to nanotechnology to target illnesses

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency hopes to develop intracellular platforms to fight diseases in warfighters. The research agency issued a solicitation on June 8 for help developing In Vivo Nanosensors for Therapeutics (IVN:Tx) that would ...…


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Laying down the law on nanotechnology

New and emerging technologies (GM, synthetic biology and nanotechnology, for instance) offer the potential for a cleaner, healthier and better future. However, the risks from these technologies are not fully known. Will a future generation look back on ...…


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Medicines in development for cancer

The list likewise includes a therapy that uses nanotechnology to target the delivery of medicines to cancer cells, potentially overcoming some limitations of existing treatments, said the report. In a bid to address major types of cancer, ...…


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Fifteen students graduate from innovative 'NanoHigh' Program

The innovative NanoHigh program is preparing the next generation of scientists and engineers in our state's rapidly growing nanotechnology industry. This partnership between the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering and the City School District ...…


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Iran to Hold Workshop on Applications of Nanobiotechnology in Drug Delivery

An educational workshop titled 'Application of Nanobiotechnology in Drug Delivery' is scheduled to be held on September 9, 2012, parallel with the 4th International Congress of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICNN 2012). Among the objectives of this ...…


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ACWA appoints nanotechnology membrane specialist

UK water and wastewater specialist ACWA Services announced on 6 June 2012 that it has appointed a membrane nanotechnology specialist, Dr Oscar Hernandez-Ramirez as a chemical process engineer. He will focus initially on wastewater technologies but ...…


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Sandia Labs worker arrested

Jianyu Huang started working at a Sandia Labs research center that focuses on nanotechnology five years ago. Sandia National Labs says Huang did not have access to classified national security information. However, the indictment accuses the scientist ...…


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Nanotechnology and style unite

Cycling in the rain wearing jeans used to be unthinkable, but not any more thanks to innovations in fabric technology. The new Commuter range from Levi's, designed specifically for the urban cyclist, is water resistant and dirt repellent, ...…


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NanoCollege's 2012 summer internship program begins

The 2012 students, who were chosen from a pool of nearly 200 applicants, will be immersed in nanotechnology education and hands-on experiences. Each student will be mentored by a CNSE faculty member or researcher from one of CNSE's global corporate ...…


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Sensitivity of Immunoassays Increased

In order to do that they used standard biological tools with the combination of nanotechnology. Lead researcher Stephen Chou, of the Joseph C. Elgin Professor of Engineering, was of the view that the increased sensitivity of the test will help doctors ...…


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Lewis University Plans Nanotechnology Camp

The Lewis University Nanotechnology Experience summer camp will take place Monday through Wednesday, June 18-20, at Lewis University's main campus, 1 University Parkway, Romeoville. The day camp provides an opportunity for high school students entering ...…


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How nanotechnology is shaping stem cell research - The Guardian

Nanoscientists have developed a technique that allows them to transform stem cells into bone cells on command. But could the process be used to treat deadly ...…


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New NIOSH Document Highlights Safe Practices for Working with Nanomaterials

As our knowledge of nanotechnology increases, so too will our efforts to provide additional guidance materials for working safely with engineered nanomaterials. Nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter at a nanometer scale to produce new materials, ...…


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MU to Help Rebuild Engineering Education in Iraq

Train UoT scientists in nanotechnology: Iraqi scientists will be prepared for training students in nanotechnology. Develop the UoT career center and professional development program: MU will train the UoT Career Center director in best practices for ...…


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NPHS Students do cutting-edge nanotechnology research

That is the reality for 26 North Penn High School seniors who displayed their nanotechnology research Wednesday. Teacher Michael Boyer said the Engineering Academy at NPHS began in 2000 and students have engaged in nanotechnology research since 2005.



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Nanotechnology nose smells cancer

Chances of survival of prostate cancer depend strongly on the stage at which the disease is diagnosed. Now scientists have developed new methods relying on an electronic nose and optoacoustics to improve the diagnosis techniques and ...…


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Nanotechnology breakthrough could dramatically improve medical tests

The Princeton researchers tackled this limitation by using nanotechnology to greatly amplify the faint fluorescence from a sample. By fashioning glass and gold structures so small they could only be seen with a powerful electron microscope, ...…


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Carbon Nanotubes Go Back Inside Fuel Cells

The research, which was published in the May 27 th online edition of the journal Nature Nanotechnology, showed that when the outer walls of a multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWNT) were shredded—and the inner walls left intact—the catalytic ability of ...…


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