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Light instead of temperature: nanocrystals have become more accessible

Russian researchers have suggested a new method to form crystalline nanostructure of the Fe-Cu-Nb-Si-B alloys. The nanostructures obtained under the action of gas discharge optical radiation possess better magnetic and mechanical characteristics as compared to their analogues produced via temperature methods.…


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The lubricating environmant in technical Tribals-systems is a dynamic multi-phase system that consists of liquid, solid and gaseous components. Solid particles have different origins and unknown influence on the behavior of Tribals systems. Some of them are product of wear, while others are product of oil oxidation or are soaked from the outside while in contact with the Tribals systems. Solids are placed in lubricating environment for a specific purpose - to act as…


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A new structural model will help to sort out nanotubes

Researchers at the Kazan State Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev  have developed mathematical models that describe structure of various nanotube types. They allow to adjust existing theoretical ideas and design methods for various nanotube characteristics. As model application experience is accumulated, these models can help to forecast nanotube properties as well as to develop their automatic sorting methods. The work was…


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Industry laser ensures effective synthesis of nanopowder

Researchers at the Institute of Electrophysics, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences in Yekaterinburg have suggested that the industrial ytterbium fiber laser should be used to get functional nanopowers. The work published in the Journal of Applied Physics compared productivity and power inputs when getting nanopowders via fiber and carbon dioxide…


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Laser hyperthermia to fight against tumors

Laser waves focused on the tumor area can damage cancer cells and blood vessels feeding them. The process becomes more efficient if nanoparticles are preliminary introduced into the tumor. At the conference “Nanotechnologies in Oncology in 2010”, Russian oncologists explained how laser irradiation is absorbed by nanoparticles, what particular nanoparticles should be used and…


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Nanoparticles are able to deliver drugs to the brain

The majority of drugs do not penetrate from blood into the brain because of the hematoencephalic barrier existing between them. This creates a lot of difficulties for brain tumor treatment. Russian researchers have developed a system for drug delivery into the brain with the help of nanoparticles and demonstrated its efficiency on laboratory animals.…


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Nanostructures based on precious stones

Researchers at the Ioffe Technical Physical Institutehave developed a new method of synthesising composite materials from synthetic opal and vanadium oxides. Such materials have unusual optical properties. Previously, they were generated by depositing vanadium oxides (V2O5 and VO2) from a solution, but in their latest work the researchers demonstrated the greater effectiveness of…


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Precise method for nanostructure analysis

Specialists at the A.F. Ioffe Institute of Applied-Physics (Russian Academy of Sciences) have developed a new methodology for nano-dimensional heterostructure composition analysis. Along with the composition, the depth of layer occurrence is also identified. Experimental check of the methodology has proved that the data obtained through it on semiconductor structure constitution well agrees with measurement results achieved by other method, the data having low…


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Carbon dioxide laser to create nanoparticles of predetermined size

Physicists from Yekaterinburg have generated yttrium-aluminum-garnet nanopowder using the laser-induced evaporation method. The powder with particles sized about 10 nanometers was used to create optic ceramics with a high infrared light transmission factor.

The laser-induced evaporation method also known as laser ablation or laser spark is based on removing a substance from the…


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Self-organizing nanotechnologies control metallic material properties

Andrey Oksogoev at the Institute of High Technologies (Ulan-Ude) has carried out an experiment that proves assumptions made earlier. Research of S.P. Kurdumov’s school dealt with energy division into thermal and nonthermal components upon changes in the environment structure. This possibility is the most important objective for establishing self-organizing nanotechnologies.…


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Introductory Program in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a newborn discipline that responds to the demand of a multi-disciplinary scientific know-how which translates into superior products and technologies with the manipulation at 10-9 m scale.

Introductory Program in Nanotechnology explains the basic perception & exploration of this emerging field. It tops this with applications of technology in various sectors to aware the implementations of Nanotechnology at various levels. It is ideal for those who want to… Continue

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Nice Article Regarding States' Regulation of Nanotechnology in the United States

Here's a link to a nice article that John DiLoreto wrote concerning the environmental, health & safety regulation of nanotechnology by individual states in the United States.


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We could control the serious nanotopics from YAHOO.COM

Hello from Nanodoug,
here are some of the Nanogroups I control on Yahoo

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Nanodoug's Blog

Nanodoug's Blog

come look and join

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come see

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Nanocomposites and everyday things

just put some Saran wrap on leftovers. Was it Saran or some cheaper

knock off? Does it matter? Probably not, since my family will eat it

tomorrow regardless (they are not picky). However, if you were packing a

product to be shipped around the world, like an expensive

pharmaceutical product or even an inexpensive snack, you would care.

Time is money - esp. when it is sitting on a store shelf.

How does this relate to the esoteric term, nanocomposites? The cause… Continue

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New Nano Mag

New Nano Magazine

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Nano Digest Celebrates One Year of Publishing

India's Premiere Magazine on Nanotechnology - Nano Digest - has completed one year with the May month issue. June 2010 will be ND Almanac - Anniversary issue.

We have completed One Year of publication of Nano Digest... an event run!

Though painful at times, we have made it... hope we start looking at the next

phase of building this magazine. BTW June is our Anniversary issue.




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Launched my blog yesterday

For those nanotechnology enthusiasts who are also interested in chemicals management in the United States and beyond, feel free to check out my blog, "The Green Chemistry Law Report: Legal Developments, News & Events in Chemicals Management."



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