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UAMS Begins Nanomedicine Study Center

Nanomedicine, an offshoot of nanotechnology, refers to highly specific medical research and applications at the molecular scale for curing disease or repairing damaged tissues. “Over the past few years, more and more of our researchers and clinicians ...…


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ICNBS Egypt 2012

Welcome All interested in Nanotechnology

We would like to invite you to our international conference ICNBS Egypt 2012.

iSeS Egypt Company in cooperation with Nakaa Nanotechnology Network are organizing the international Conference:

“Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Spectroscopy: tools of success in the coming era”

1 - 3 March 2012 in Cairo, Egypt

The conference will take place over 3 days, and will be divided into sections that allow focusing on the…


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Scientists Build DNA Rail System For Nanomotors, Complete With Tracks & Switches

The findings, published online yesterday in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, uses the technology of DNA origami, where strands of DNA molecules are sequenced in a way that will cause them to self-assemble into desired 2D and even 3D structures.…


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The Nanotechnology Opportunity in Food and Drinks Packaging announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Nanotechnology has many potential applications in food and drinks packaging, particularly in beverages, meat, poultry, ...…


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Nano aid to treat breast cancer

Nanotechnology will be the answer to the energy crisis in India, Prof. Rao added. Further, India should focus on manufacture and sale of nano materials in the international market in addition to mastering the assembly and applications of nanoscience. ...…


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DNA motor programmed to navigate a network of tracks

The findings, published in the January 22 online edition of the journal Nature Nanotechnology, are expected to lead to further developments in the field of nanoengineering. The research utilizes the technology of DNA origami, where strands of DNA ...…


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Nanomedical global sales to reach $130.9 billion in 2016

The market for nanotechnology used in medicine can be broken down into six segments by therapeutic application: cardiovascular, anti-inflammatories, anti-infectives, central nervous system (CNS) products, anticancers, and other applications. ...…


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'Nanotechnology can help boost economy'

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology Pro-Rector (Academic) Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid said Nanotechnology was an emerging field and Pakistan should also focus on it for economic uplift of the country. ...…


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Glucose monitors

But now, harnessing the power of nanotechnology, engineers at Brown University say they've designed a biochip that can measure glucose levels in saliva almost as accurately as current devices can measure levels in blood. To do this, the engineers ...…


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Researcher packs solar cells behind smartphone display, harvests wasted light

Arman Ahnood, a London-based researcher working at London Centre for Nanotechnology, through a series of findings concluded that on any given OLED smartphone display, of the total light emitted by the screen only 36 percent is projected straight out, ...…


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Nanotechnology in Medical Applications: The Global Market

Unlike some other potential applications of nanotechnology, which are still largely experimental, nanomedicine has already produced a number of significant products in which the nano dimension has made a significant contribution to product ...…


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Star Trek's Tricorder Medical Scanner May Become Reality

Using nanotechnology, physicists in London and Singapore found a way to make a beam of the"T-rays"--which are now used in full-body airport security scanners--stronger and more directional. The advance, which was described in a recent issue of the ...…


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Nanotechnology brings in a way to Poultry Health and Hygiene

NanoLandGlobal , a London based company, created to introduce the benefits of nanotechnology and nanoscience, have Country Partners in many countries, working with global brand and corporate entities. We endeavour to fast-track ...…


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Natural nanotubes direct deposition of near-atomic scale alloys

Reporting their results in the journal Nanotechnology, researchers have found a way to scale this process down to the near-atomic scale. The scientists employ a template, which directs the deposition into a very thin wire-like shape. ...…


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PRINTed nanoparticles deliver multiple punches to treat prostate cancer

Nanowerk LLC

The research, led by Joseph DeSimone, co-principal investigator of the Carolina Center for Cancer Nanotechnology, was published in the journal Nano Letters ("Delivery of Multiple siRNAs Using Lipid-Coated PLGA Nanoparticles for Treatment of Prostate ...…


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Scientist Cooks Up Heat-Harvesting Materials in Microwave

Wall Street Journal (blog)

By Nick Clayton Nanotechnology often seems to represent the expensive end of scientific research. So it is nice to be able to report a breakthrough where the main advance involves the use of nothing more costly than a domestic microwave oven. ...…


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Tiny card passes on new year wishes

The Press Association

Nanotechnology experts at the University of Glasgow unveiled the greeting card to showcase their world-leading expertise in the field. It expresses warm wishes for health and prosperity during the Year of the Dragon from Scotland to China, ...…


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Nano Tool Watches Teardrop Protein Destroy Bacteria

Voice of America

The unique experiment, a marriage of nanotechnology and microbiology, could lead to new ways of diagnosing cancers and other illnesses in their very early stages. About a hundred years ago, a Scottish biologist discovered that proteins called lysozymes ..…


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From tinkering on the fringes to Nobel glory

New Scientist (blog)

He is director of the Manchester Centre for Mesoscience & Nanotechnology at the University of Manchester There are two things. The first is a good result, one which you sort of expected but that never previously came through. ...…


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IBM Produces Atomic Data Storage, Changing the Storage Game


Nanotechnology researchers at IBM have made a breakthrough in data storage. It's similar to the work of PhD candidate Brent Weber, who, with the help of other researchers, developed a silicon wire only four atoms wide and one atom tall. ...…


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