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Last days to apply - Master in Nanochemistry & Nanomaterials - Madeira Island – Portugal - 6th Edition

Deadline for applications: 31 of January 2017 (17:00 hours: GMT).

The University of Madeira and Centro de Química da Madeira, Madeira Island, Portugal, invite applicants with a Bachelor or a Master degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Life Sciences, Materials, Physics or related…


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Fluorescent hydrazides, amines, Instant Certificates of Analysis (CoA), Tech ?s and Citations - Lumiprobe newsletter

Lumiprobe Newsletter- Certificates of Analysis (CoA), Fluorescent Cyanine3 hydrazides, Cyanine3 amines , Cyanine5.5 hydrazides, Tech Questions and Citations…


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Call for the 3rd edition of The International Festival of NanoArt - reply if interested to

NanoArt 21 is organizing the 3rd edition of the International Festival of NanoArt in September this year at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi, Romania. The event will be held in parallel with The International Conference On Physics Of Advanced Materials.
For more information visit

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Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Researchers Develop New Type of Crude Oil Using Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers have developed an innovative process to convert carbon dioxide and hydrogen into a renewable alternative for crude oil, which could transform fuels used in gas and diesel-powered vehicles and jets.


The "green feed" crude oil can be refined into renewable liquid fuels using established technologies and can be transported…


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Nanomaterials, Nanopowder, Colloidal suspension , nanometals, nanoceramics, ADDO, nanocoatings and many more.

Reinste Nano Venture is a supplier of world class nanoparticles for the Indian market. The services of Reinste nanoventures caters to both industrial and research users. Reinste NanoVenture helps individual and groups in their industrial and research related requirements of Nanomaterials, as nanoparticles enter our lives through research industries, plus various other industries. Some of the nanomaterials, supplied by the Reinste, are…


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Latest Issue of Nano Digest

Nice issue on understanding education and career prospects in Nanotechnology...

For Copies contact:

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Network for Computational Nanotechnology's 'nanoHUB' tops 100,000 annual users

An interactive Web site called, which makes available scientific simulations, seminars, interactive courses and other specialized nanotech-related materials, has reached a milestone: 100,000 users in one year.

Researchers and educators from New York to London and Moscow to Madrid are logging onto because it offers a wide range of nanotech-related content.…


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Nano-Gaming on the Go: Dr. Nano™ iPhone/iTunes App

© 2009 Mission Critical Studios LLC, © Tres Media Group. All rights reserved. Permissions granted.

Gameplay of Mission Critical Studios' Dr. Nano™ is designed around iPhone/iPod Touch's built-in accelerometer sensor system as user interface control which measures, for instance, forces of gravity and acceleration. iPod Touch software calculates pace, speed, and distance.

A Dr. Nano™ player controls movement in the third… Continue

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NanoScience articles at

You may want to check out for references in the nanosciences: nano, nanocapsules, nanocomposite, nanocomposites,… Continue

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American Chemical Society National Meeting, Nanoscience: Challenges for the Future

As I pack up to leave Salt Lake City and the 237th American Chemical Society meeting, I wanted to reflect on some of the comments about the future of nanotechnology and nanoeducation.

From the education sessions, it seems clear that K-12 teachers are taking bits and pieces of activities that have been developed through NNI funding. It has to "fit" into their curriculum and that means that it is only adapted if the teachers find it easy to use and it supports and augments the content… Continue

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ナノキッズ / NanoTech Kids

Image: Energy Arc. Photographer: Piccolo Namek. Source: Vikipedi. GNU FDL.

NanoNet and National Institute for Materials Science of Japan present NanoTech Kids & their Adventures in Nano games and animations. Features nano-related elementary lessons in Biology, IT, Environment, and Energy. japanese and English language site selections.…


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Now on View: NanoArt 2008/09 International Online Exhibit

Image: Pollens Source: Dartmouth Electron Microscope Facility. Public Domain Release by Dartmouth College.

NanoArt21's digital gallery presentation of the 2008/09 submissions (curated by Cris Orfescu) is intellectually yet soulfully satisfying. The techniques, tools, and understanding of the underlying science have all been demonstrably enhanced and improved upon by the submitters, making this year's competition even better than the… Continue

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How to teach nanotechnology in 3 days

There are quite a few 1-3 day teacher workshops on nanotechnology offered around the world. Do they work? Can a middle school or high school teacher learn about these new advances in research AND learn how to effectively integrate it into their classrooms in such a short time? Most teachers who take nanotechnology workshops come away excited about the new applications that they have learned about - quantum dots are beautiful, gold nanoshells have tremendous potential, buckyballs are fun,and who… Continue

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PlayGen™ & PlayStation® Portable

Original Image Source: Protein NanoMachines. Public Library of Science. Creative Commons Licence 2.5.

PlayGen™'s Nanogaming products are also available for PlayStation Portable. This I had not known at the time of my earlier posting.…


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CRIS ORFESCU: NanoScientist, NanoArtist, Curator


« The 2nd International Festival of NanoArt organized by NanoArt21

( will be hosted in Stuttgart, Germany by NAHVISION

Institute for International Culture Exchange, between November 1st and

November 30th, 2008. The show is curated by artist/scientist Cris

Orfescu (USA) and art professor Dorothea Fleiss (Germany).

18 artists from 8 countries were selected to participate… Continue

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NanoMission™ and Playgen™ have created learning innovations in the form of "nanogaming", which introduces to students the elemental concepts of nanoscience, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, nanoimaging, and nanoscaling. Its teaching methodology transports nano out of the domain of science fiction in the students' minds and delivers them to the door of direct comprehension within the site of a simulator terminal where… Continue

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KANĀDA'S KIDS: NanoGaming and NanoArt vis-à-vis Science Education

(Image Source:

In affiirmative response to András' request that I augment my NanoGaming video posts

(17 September 2008) with a write-up, I have created this blog. I will periodically (or sporadically, as time and inspiration allow) convey information on NanoGaming and NanoArt -particularly as it relates to science education. Being engaged in the medical library field, I anticipate highlighting items, featuring… Continue

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