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Liberec, Czech Republic - world nanotechnology center

The content of our nafigate portal is created mainly in Liberec, Czech Republic and not by chance - Liberec has over time become a synonym for nanotechnologies, not only in the Czech Republic but world wide. It is therefore logical that one of the exhibitions in the new iQLANDIA science center in Liberec is dedicated to nanotechnologies.

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Aligned Nanofibers Cool Down Hot Electronic Devices

Market competitions force the engineers to design electronic devices more powerful but importantly smaller in size. Such smaller size electronic devices face the problem of heat generated from the process cycle, thus experience poor reliability. Efficient thermal interface materials that are able to remove heat from electronic devices have been in great demand.

For more on this hot issue and the role of nanofibers in it, please go to …


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NAFIGATE Exclusive Interview - Prof. Stan Veprek: Boron Nitride Nanofibers Will Outperform Carbon Nanotubes

NAFIGATE is proud to bring an exclusive interview with prof. Stan Veprek from the Technical University of Munich who is one of the most outstanding scientists working in materials science. His research field is materials and surface science, thin film coatings including superhard wear resistant films, light-emitting Si, microcystalline Si, and since 1995 superhard nanocomposite materials.

You can read the whole interview here: …


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Nanofibers steer to surpass commercial forward osmosis membrane’s performance

Conventional flat-sheet and hollow fibers membranes are widely being used in pressure-driven osmosis (Reverse Osmosis - RO) applications due to their superior permselectivity. Owing to high operating/maintenance costs required for RO process, alternative processes with less-energy intensive nature have been under investigation by leading membrane scientists. One of such processes, called Forward Osmosis (FO), uses an osmotic pressure difference instead.

For more,…


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Breakthrough & unmatched nanomaterial Nafen - Alumina nanofibers was presented at AFS 2012 Fall Conference!

Breakthrough & unmatched nanomaterial Nafen - Alumina nanofibers - with controllable diameter from 7nm to 40nm, with controllable length up to 15cm & with present industrial production rate of  0.5kg/h was presented at AFS 2012 Fall Conference!

The presentation (110Mb) is available for downloading at the following link:



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Inorganic nanofibers available on industrial scale

Kertak Nanotechnology s.r.o. (Ltd.) is a supplier of inorganic nanofibers produced by industrial-scale electrospinning technology. Thanks to this technology we take the position of the world leader in the production of electrospun inorganic nanofibers!


Founded in 2009;…


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Xanofi Demonstrates Their Game Changing Production of Nanofibers

Raleigh, NC, March 17, 2011-Xanofi, a company specializing in producing custom, low-cost, functional nanofibers for applications announces their upcoming event schedule and demonstrations. The company is currently identifying industry partners that seek nanotechnology solutions for their products.


A spin-out of NC State's Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization program and the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Xanofi specializes in…


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NanoScience articles at

You may want to check out for references in the nanosciences: nano, nanocapsules, nanocomposite, nanocomposites,… Continue

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