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The participants in the “PLAYnano” encounter are committed to society taking part in decisions on nanotechnology

The 50 people who participated in society’s representation at the “PLAYnano” encounter held at CIC nanoGUNE the past 22 November decanted in favour of nanoscience research, the regulation of its application and dialogue between society and institutions to orientate the technologies.…


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"‘Hunters’ of nanoparticles"

Nanoparticles which float in the air may seem somewhat insignificant. Nevertheless, knowing them is a vital in many fields: for example, when evaluating individual or room filtration systems, the effectiveness of protection equipment for workers who handle potentially dangerous elements and the suitability of the handling practices of nanoparticles in industrial processes.…


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CIC nanoGUNE and IK4-CIDETEC present a new nanoimage method in Nature Communications magazine

The Cooperative Research Centre CIC nanoGUNE and the technological centre IK4-CIDETEC have presented a new nanoimage method which allows for a better understanding of the correlation between structure, conductivity and chemical composition of nanostructures in the prestigious scientific journals, Nature…


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"Our aim is to make the sum of POLYMAT a key player in the research and development of polymers in the XXI century"

José Ramón Leiza, director of the Institute for Polymer Materials POLYMAT, shows in this interview the evolution of the center he runs in the development of cutting edge research on polymers and explains the position of the basque research in this field in the international scene.

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CIC microGUNE and the Clarity Institute collaborate in the research of functional materials in microfluid systems

CIC microGUNE has initiated a line of collaboration with the Instituto Clarity Centre for Sensor Web Technologies de la Dublin City University (Ireland) to jointly promote research of new functional nanomaterials and their integration into microfluid systems which provide interesting properties for their application in multiple sectors.…


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"Basque nanotechnology to inoculate insulin by means of an adhesive bandage on the cheek"

Like many of the start-ups in the bio sector, the Midatech Biogune Company depends on strong investments during the initial years after the founding of the company and a long period of development, trials and licensing until profits can be obtained to commercialise its product.

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UPV/EHU scientists review the latest advances in three-dimensional stem cell cultures

Researchers from the Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU) Faculty of Pharmacy’s NanoBioCel group have published a review article about the latest advancements in three-dimensional stem cell cultures in the prestigious Trends in Biotechnology magazine.…


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The UPV/EHU and the pharmaceutical company Praxis will use nanotechnology in their fight against Chagas disease

The NanoBioCel research group of the Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU) and the Basque pharmaceutical company Praxis participate in the European Berenice project, funded with 4.5 million Euros. Its objective is to improve, by means of nanotechnology, the only drug that exists to combat Chagas disease, an illness which affects 13 million people per year, above all in the third…


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The European Commission reviews the regulations on nanomaterials to improve safety

The European Commission embarks on a second review of the regulations on nanomaterials, a project which will include the communal plans to improve legislation on safety in the workplace, and the production and consumption of nanotechnological products.

The review of the regulations highlights the great diversity in existing nanomaterials, including products of daily use which have been used for decades without problems (for example, tyres or antifreeze used in the agrofood industry),…


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"The success of magnetism at CIC nanoGUNE"

The abilities and experience in characterising magnetism by means of light attracts researchers from all over the world to the CIC nanoGUNE installations in San Sebastián. It is one of the achievements of CIC nanoGUNE’s research group in Nanomagnetism, directed by the German, Andreas Berger and co-directed by the Italian, Paolo Vavassori. It consists of a system which manages to obtain more information from the experiments than was thought possible until now. “We are not the only ones who…


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Tecnalia develops new fire-resistant nanomaterials which are more sustainable for the construction and electricity sectors

The Tecnalia technology corporation, along with a group of Basque SMEs, are developing new types of fire-resistant nanomaterials for the construction and electricity sectors which incorporate new fire retardant systems which are halogen free and more environmentally friendly.

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"The countries which most invested in science and technology are those that are better weathering the crisis"

Pedro Miguel Etxenike, president of the Donostia International Physics Center Foundation (DIPC) and one of the most prestigious voices of science in the Basque Country, supports that thanks to the investment in nanoscience and nanotechnology over the last few years, the Basque Country has become a focal point in research in this field. Nevertheless, Etxenike declares that investments in science must be maintained so as to transfer knowledge acquired to the productive fabric and therefore…


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Basque nanotechnology, the focus of the latest issue of the international Nano magazine

The international Nano magazine, one of the publications of reference specialised in the field of nanotechnology, with approximately 100,000 monthly readers all over the world, chose the Basque Country in its August issue to conduct a complete ‘country-report’, a detailed analysis of the economic, scientific and technological fabric of a territory distinguished by its nanotechnology activity.…


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Graphenea collaborates with the University of Harvard in search of applications for graphene

The Graphenea company, a start-up of a group of private investors and CIC nanoGUNE specialised in the production of graphene, a material with unique properties which consists of a layer of carbon the thickness of an atom, collaborates with the Universidad de Harvard in the search for applications for the material.…


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UPV researchers develop a new laser material which improves the use of light in biophotonics

Researchers from the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), in collaboration with scientists from the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid have developed a new laser material which improves the use of light in…


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IC nanoGUNE develops a new non-evasive technique to identify the chemical nature of materials at a nanometric scale

Researchers from CIC nanoGUNE, in collaboration with the University of Munich and the German company Neaspec GmbH, manufacturing leader of near field optic microscope equipment, have developed a new technique which allows for the identification of the chemical composition of materials with nanometric resolution.…


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The NFO12 International Congress gathers 400 experts in near field optics and nanophotonics in San Sebastián

The “Near-field Optics, Nanophotonics and Related Techniques NFO12” International congress, organized by the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) and CIC nanoGUNE, gathers 400 scientists and researchers at the Palacio Kursaal in San Sebastián between today and the 7 September who will debate on the latest advances in the fields of near optics and…


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CIC nanoGUNE puts its new Teoría research group into operation

The CIC nanGUNE Research Center has placed its new research group into operation, focused on theoretical and computational physics of material, under the direction of Professor Emilio Artacho, Ikerbasque researcher from the University of Cambridge, where he worked at the Department of Physics Cavendish Laboratory.…


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Basque scientists control light at a nanometric scale with graphene

Basque research groups are part of the scientific team which has, for the first time, trapped and confined light in graphene, an achievement which constitutes the most promising candidacy to process optic information at nanometric scales and which could open the door to a new generation of nano-sensors with applications in medicine, energy and computing.…


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The nanoBasque web site launches a new dissemination section with multimedia content

Barely a year after its renewal, nanoBasque’s web has become a reference for all those people interested in current issues in the micro and nano fields in the Basque Country. Its news and events sections, the Basque nanobuzz, set the agenda in the sector in the Basque Country.

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