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Publish your research in the Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems

Invitation to submit your paper

Dear Colleagues,

We invite to submit your latest research for publication in the Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems.

Published 4 times a year on behalf of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the journal is dedicated to the particular aspects of nanoscale engineering, science, and technology that involve the descriptions and characterizations of… Continue

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The nano-style art

Nanopainters, nanolandscapes and nanosculptures… all these terms are not an obvious attempt to follow the fashion, they are taken from vocabulary of follows of a new artistic trend – NanoArt. Its creator - Cris Orfescu – has shared with the “Rossiiskie nanotechnologii” his methodology and philosophy. There is no need for brushes or paints, or artistic design, but one can’t do without “his majesty” incident and a powerful microscope.…


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new nanofutures flyers -please share

Dear all,

the new nanofutures flyer and news are now online, please share with your communities

nanofutures is open to all nano interested teams in the world

-our next meeting will be at nanotech italy in venice

NANOfutures_flyer.pdf and…


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New Special Issue recently published in the Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems

A new Special Issue of the Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems was recently published. Comprised of 2 parts, the issue focuses on the Mechanics of Materials from Nano to Macro Scale, and both parts are currently free to view online. To access the articles you can click on the links below:

Part 1…


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support for entreprenuers in Europe by EC funded project -free of charge-

Dear Nano expert,



> In the framework of a FP7 project (called NanoCom), we are organizing a Nanotechnology investor forum in Spring 2012. The specific aim of this forum is to present to selected investors (Business Angels, Venture Capitalists, ...) some investment opportunities in business ideas based on nanotechnologies.


> We are looking for:

> - Early stage or more mature business opportunities using nanotechnologies

> - The… Continue

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Tools for get prepared for Venture Capital and start your nano company

Researchers get support from ProNano to bring their nanotech innovations to the market

Deliverable D1.2 of ProNano “30 selected research results” is publicly available at

There are many nanotech innovations which have potential to reach the market. The ProNano consortium has evaluated research results and selected innovations for coaching, to reach licensing deals or spin-offs. This deliverable describes… Continue

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Programme for Nanomechanical User Group Meeting

Please find attached the programme for this year's European Nanomechanical

User Group Meeting, which will be held on Tuesday Sept. 27th at the

University of Cambridge, kindly hosted by Prof Bill Clyne and Prof Bill

Clegg of the Gordon Laboratory.

We have an excellent programme of talks, covering all aspects of

nanomechanical testing, from techniques to applications to standards. The

meeting presents the ideal opportunity to catch up with new developments… Continue

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A light-speed computer

Researchers at Moscow State University prepare for a breakthrough in nanophotonics

Researchers have come up to producing ultrahigh-speed optical devices where the information medium will not be the electron (as it is now) but a photon. In the future, this will enable to achieve teracycle computing frequency. That, in turn, will open up possibilities for brand new telecommunication and navigation systems,…


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Russian researchers have made solar batteries inexpensive and efficient

Solar batteries are gaining more popularity in everyday life, and solar energy photovoltaic conversion now looks like one of the most promising renewable power generation areas. Solar batteries, which were developed in the middle of the last century by American scientists…


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US secrets of nanotechnology investments

Five years ago, a lot of people in the US still had doubts whether it is generally possible to earn money on nanotechnologies, but starting from this year it has become apparent that it is. However, venture investors putting money into a similar business should take into account peculiarities of such innovative projects. Factors impacting venture…


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Call for Nominations for Inaugural ACS Nano Lectureships

Call for Nominations for the 2012 ACS Nano Lectureships

Beginning in 2012, the annual ACS Nano Lectureship Awards will honor the contributions of three individuals who have made major impacts on the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology from around the…


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Russian scientists to test gold for toxicity

Gold nanoparticles have been increasingly used in medicine lately to diagnose and treat diseases. However, researchers keep arguing their possible toxicity and ability to cause mutations. Experts at Razumovsky Saratov State Medical University; and the Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Plants and Microorganisms, Russian Academy of…


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send in your video or tell us about your youtube channel

Dear all,


if you have your nano related youtube channel - please tell us, so we can link you

and if you want us to integrate your videos at nanofutures


tell us about!


Greetings from nanofutures communication WG


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Russian scientists to produce cuprous oxide nanoparticles directly from electrodes

A group of researchers at Dagestan State University has managed to synthesise cuprite nanoparticles using an electrochemical method. They report their discovery in an article currently in print, issue #7–8 of the Russian Nanotechnologies.

Cuprous oxide – Cu2O, or cuprite — is a rather promising material for…


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Europes Nanofuture at linkedin

Those of you already active at linkedin are invited to join the nanofutures group there

( for info about nanofutures, please check )

Beside the online discussions at nanofutures web and in the linkedin group you are also welcome to our meetings - next will be related to the event

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New High Impact Factor for Nano Letters

New High Impact Factor for Nano Letters: 12.186!

Out of 63 journals in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Nano Letters is #2 in Impact Factor: 12.186. Nano Letters also ranks #2 in citations, with 60,956 total cites as…


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Most Read Articles in Q2 from ACS Nano

ACS Nano Receives Impressive 9.855 Impact Factor

ACS Nano has a 2010 Impact Factor of 9.855, a 32% increase from 2009, and still rising! It is ranked #5 in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, #9 in Multidisciplinary Chemistry…


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Viruses to help storing solar power

A solar battery operation is based on the light getting on the photosensitive surface characterised with a “redundancy” of electrons, the latter start shifting into the next in-depth layer of the battery made of “electron-poor” materials. The electromotive force occurs which leads to the emergence of electric current. In fact the two layers interact as electrodes of a regular battery.

Search for materials fit to make solar batteries is of great interest for researchers. Materials…


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